Australia makes Auschwitz look like a picnic

COVID concentration camps for Australians; it’s happening
by Jon Rappoport
November 22, 2021: “The Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin, after nine new Covid-19 cases were identified in the community of Binjari. The move comes after hard lockdowns were instituted in the communities of both Binjari and nearby Rockhole on Saturday night.”
“’Residents of Binjari and Rockhole no longer have the five reasons to leave their homes,’ said Northern Territory chief minister, Michael Gunner, referring to the country’s five allowable reasons to avoid lockdown (buying food and supplies, exercising for up to two hours, care or caregiving, work or education if it can’t be done from home, and to get vaccinated at the nearest possible location).”
“’They can only leave [home] for medical treatment, in an emergency, or as required by law’.”
“’It’s highly likely that more residents will be transferred to Howard Springs today, either as positive cases or close contacts,’ he continued, adding ‘We have already identified 38 close contacts from Binjari but that number will go up. Those 38 are being transferred now’.”
“’I contacted the Prime Minister last night. We are grateful for the support of about 20 ADF personnel, as well as army trucks to assist with the transfer of positive cases and close contacts – and to support the communities’.”
“’We are doing an assessment today of what extra resources we might need from the Feds, and the Prime Minister is ready to help further – I thank him for that’.”
“Five days ago, NT Senator Malarndirri McCarthy told ABC that over crowding in Indigenous communities was a ‘massive problem,’ pointing to the region’s second cluster of new infections – which included nine members of McCarthy’s direct family, including her sister who flew from Katherine to Robinson River while unknowingly bringing COVID-19 with her, per the report.”
The sociopaths and their stormtroopers who run Australia would make Hitler and Stalin envious. “You mean you can exercise iron control over a whole nation based on a STORY ABOUT A VIRUS?”
I’ve received a report from Australia showing numbers of protesters against the national vaccine mandate, in key cities, for the weekend of November 20-21. The total is close to a million people—in a nation of 25 million. That’s stunning.
Hopefully, those numbers will increase.
Update: another report from Australia; the military have begun forcing vaccinations on the aborigines in the Northern Territory.
It’s abundantly clear we’re not living in the same world we were two years ago. That world doesn’t exist anymore.
Watch this shocking video made by June Mills, an aboriginal elder in the Northern Territory. As she excoriates the fascist Chief Minister of the Territory, Michael Gunner, and calls on her people in other towns to report on what’s happening to them and what the Army is doing, ask yourself: Is this the irrational raving of a woman who’s gone over the edge, or is this exactly how a sane person would react when government killers are loose in her neighborhood?
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4 Responses to “Australia makes Auschwitz look like a picnic”

  1. ian says:

    Thanks for posting this Tap. It really gets to me and likely others. June Mills’ speech is epic.

  2. BenBecula says:

    The jews had a cinema, swimming pool, hair dressers, bands, dancing etc etc so it was indeed a picnic

    • Tapestry says:

      Auschwitz provided slave labour for an industrial area of Poland. Aussie camps are likely the real thing – death camps with no other exit available. They’ll start with the aborigines as the white population will no doubt remain silent for the most part. Those that can should head out into the bush, and give the army the run around.

  3. ian says:

    I’m sure if the aboriginals want to, they’ll be able to teach the army a few tricks in bushcraft. Some will have tremendous knowledge of the outback, and 18 year old soldiers will be like lambs to the slaughter.