The Fall of Austria’s Sebastian Kurz [VIDEO] – What’s Really Going On?

ER Editor: Is this the EU taking out a mostly-obedient-EU/globalist-minion, Kurz, but a critic on some touchy issues like immigration? This is Alexander Mercouris’ highly plausible explanation given in the video discussion below. We have provided notes.

Or is something else far bigger going on? A play which goes AGAINST the EU?

We draw readers’ attention to the posts of Benjamin FulfordThis week he pulls together some recent events around the theme of ‘EU collapse’. (A portion of each post is behind a paywall.) For example:

Without US backing, the continental European nations (not the UK) will have no choice but to accept Russia as their new protector. Russia is planning to use the 47 member Council of Europe – the continent’s leading human rights organization – as the basis for a new organization to replace the EU, Russian and MI6 sources say.

There are many other signs the EU is collapsing. For example, there is now open talk of Poland leaving the EU or Polexit, after Polish courts declared themselves to be above the EU. (ER: We covered this here.) Specifically – in a victory for democracy – Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal ruled that key articles of one of the EU’s primary treaties were incompatible with Polish law.


Russia in the Power Seat?

For the leading role that Putin/Russia is playing with the EU-manipulated energy crisis, see the piece we recently published by Tom Luongo, titled Is Europe’s Entire “Energy Crisis” Manufactured? – Putin vs. DavosWill the energy crisis pressure Germany to quit the eurozone and thus the EU? Merkel is effectively on her way out (she was always a supporter of Nord Stream), and German globalists are refusing to licence Nord Stream II until January 2022, despite its having been completed and ready to supply gas, despite there being an alleged shortage of energy.

Is Putin thus arm-twisting Germany to reverse its Atlanticist/globalist position?

The globalists and western diplomatic class have always feared a union between Russia and Germany.


Fulford goes on:

Another big sign the EU is collapsing is the near-simultaneous fall of governments in Austria and the Czech Republic. In something straight out of Hollywood, Czech President Milos Zeman was taken to a hospital after Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s ANO party lost the election there. The Pandora Papers investigation revealed Babis secretly moved $22 million through offshore companies to purchase an estate on the French Riviera in 2009 before he entered politics. Zeman was certainly put in the hospital in a move to delay the installation of a new government that would look into these criminal dealings.

In Austria as well Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has stepped down because of a corruption scandal.

What these nations have in common is that they were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Remember, it was at the very first Davos World Economic Forum meeting that Austro-Hungarian would-be Emperor and Habsburg family heir Otto von Habsburg introduced Klaus Rothschild (Schwab) as his frontman. Schwab is the guy behind the “great reset” and the fake pandemic.

Link to Photograph – Habsburg is seated far left with Schwab at the podium

Which is not proof of anything, but provides an entirely different perspective to that of Mercouris, whose interpretation stays safely between the lines.


This Part 1 video from Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris of The Duran team deals with Austria, Part 2 with Czech Republic elections (to follow).

Christoforou: all roads lead to the April elections in Hungary, and the EU appears to be picking off countries one by one. These are countries that are not ‘on side’ with the EU. There will be a final standoff in April with Orban. Is Kurz a conservative or a globalist or what?

  • Mercouris: It’s huge news about Kurz. This is the EU ‘combinat’ picking off countries one by one. A decision has been taken at some level. They are going to clear out the dissident countries, and Merkel isn’t there any longer to control things. So you take out the dissenters.
  • He’s 95% pro EU and 5% dissident, but even a fraction of this dissident tendency is too much for the EU. Where Kurz went wrong is because he didn’t understand that.
  • Kurz was popular and rising fast in Austria with broad appeal. In so doing, he cut some corners, which very probably exposed him to the current scandal. It’s not a classic corruption of him taking bribes, however.
  • History: Kurz became chancellor in a coalition with the Freedom Party, a very right and anti-immigrant party, as well as being pro-Russian. The EU people in Brussels were sceptical, so the EU picked off this coalition partner (ER: Heinz Christian Strache) – recall the fabricated scandal of the leader being filmed in a hotel room with the niece of a Russian oligarch in the company of some others. It seemed that this young woman could get him funding. It was exposed very quickly as a sting. The leader of the FP (Strache) didn’t actually agree to anything with this woman, so it was all manufactured. However, Kurz didn’t stand by this coalition partner and support him; instead, he threw the partner under the bus, called an election, won it and then entered into a coalition with the pro-EU, anti-Russian Greens. Brussels and the Greens bided their time until they could spring this corruption scandal. So Kurz doesn’t have a coalition partner to rely on because they are not sympathetic to him. The Greens have insisted he stand down or else they’ll enter talks to create another coalition and bring the government down in the process. Kurz should never have appeased Brussels by throwing his former coalition partner under the bus. So he’s created his own downfall, through inexperience and too much confidence. He’s underestimated the ruthlessness of the people he’s dealing with. It’s been a several-year long process to remove him, especially because of his stance on immigration and his pro-Russia position (Kurz has supported Nord Stream II). Otherwise, he was in the Merkel Club.
  • Alexander Schallenberg is now running the country and is very EU sympathetic.
  • It’s been the anti-immigrant and pro-Russian lines which have exposed Kurz, despite being pro-EU on most other topics. So, you invent a scandal to get rid of his first coalition partner; then you invent another one to upset the fragile coalition he has been relying on. If he had had a solid government and coalition partner, he wouldn’t have been at risk. Many politicians have done what he’s done in terms of his own rise to power, yet he’s been too fragile to withstand it.
  • Why would Kurz, who’s also got another charge of perjury against him, have got into a coalition with the Greens? As a political force in Austria, Kurz is done. He might survive the legal challenges but as a political force, he can’t come back. He made the classic mistake of compromising with Brussels. Le Pen tried the same and so did Salvini, but the EU will always go after you whatever compromise you make. You’re either with them 150% or you’re against them; they won’t accept you any other way. Appeasement is pointless.
  • In many countries such as France and Italy, now Austria, the judicial machinery is brought into play against those who challenge Brussels. It’s a trend and a problem in many European countries.
  • PART II: the Czech Republic. …

The Fall of Kurz. EU strikes down Austria




The Fall of Austria’s Sebastian Kurz [VIDEO] – What’s Really Going On?