South Africans Rise Up and the Police Fail Epically

Under the new regulations, which took effect [30 September], curfew lasts from midnight to 4am, restaurants, bars and stores can sell alcohol as per their licences up until 11pm, and attendance at indoor gatherings has been raised from 250 to 750 and at outdoor events from 500 to 2,000. Maximum funeral attendance has been raised from 50 to 100 while “after tears” events are still banned. – Daily Maverick

But South Africans have had enough. The hashtag – #VoetsakANC – began trending on social media a few months ago.  Since then, every Friday the hashtag trends on local Twitter.

“Voetsak” is an informal Afrikaans word for “go away” and it’s not meant as a pleasantry, it’s the equivalent of saying “p*ss off.”  The ANC is the party of current President Cyril Ramaphosa and the late Nelson Mandela.

On Saturday Capetonians took to the streets, again, to make their voices heard.

Cape Town, South Africa. October 2, 2021. Anti vax protest. (2 mins)

Joe Emelio, who is becoming one of the most sought-after comedians in Cape Town, was at the protest against mandatory injections at Sea Point in Cape Town on Saturday.  He noted the South African Police Service (“SAPS”) seemed very aggressive towards protesters despite it being a peaceful march.  The police brought in a water cannon to use against protestors but as Emelio tweeted:

SAPS water cannon malfunctions at protest! Cape Town, RSA, 2 October 2021

A slightly longer version of Emelio’s clip can be viewed HERE.

To catch up with what is happening on the ground in South Africa, watch the Big Daddy Liberty show on Sunday night (below) when panellists discussed Covid injection mandates, vaccine passports, Saturday’s protest in Cape Town, the cession of the Western Cape and whether South Africa should become a Federation as an answer to a failing South African Government.  Big Daddy Liberty was joined by: Hugo Kruger, researcher and writer; Dumo Denga, host Manpatria Podcast; and, Joe Emilio, host Joe Emilio Show.

Big Daddy Liberty: Cape Town Stock Exchange, protests against vaccine passport & ANC faces backlash! 3 October 2021

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  1. Occams says:

    Underfunded tyranny.

    What a treat. Need to contact Gates and Fauci and the World Bank for more Free Kovid Shekels