2 Responses to “Part III Nations in Action – The CCP involvement in The Shadow Government”

  1. David 2 says:

    Apologies the link to follow is:

    This is more of the same on the Shadow Government. However it brings in the involvement of the CCP, the Chinese government in US election rigging and of course their involvement in the plandemic.


    It is unnecessary to listen to the entire debate, however the generals point to a communist government that is colluding with the Shadow Government.

    One theory is that China needs food as crops are failing due to climate issues. The CCP has a desperate plan to kill off much of North America, Australia and Europe. When people start dying from the GMO injections, the UN will be called for assistance and that is where the Chinese troops enter as saviors.

    These theories are on a scale that most human minds cannot fathom. Political lies make murder seem respectable!

    • ian says:

      It seems feasible David2. The US can control the weather, and I notice that rainfall now often goes north or south of Britain in summer which means it is likely being diverted. It causes floods in some places and huge droughts are suffered by China, Iran and others. The shadow government or a cabalist faction, of those we can’t mention, are in cahoots with the Chinese elite. The scenarios portrayed are feasible, as the US is being destroyed as we watch.