It’s nothing less than systematic medical assault and premeditated mass murder!

Covid Injection Scheme to Commit Genocide and Depopulate Earth Exposes Itself

State of the Nation

Never in all of recorded history has there ever been a highly coordinated global conspiracy to inject every person on the planet with an exceedingly dangerous and deadly ‘vaccine’.

In point of fact, the overwhelming worldwide scheme to jab every human being with an untested and highly experimental shot is both unparalleled and shocking to the extreme (and that’s a gross understatement).

Obviously, something is VERY wrong with this picture…and it only gets uglier by the day.

But what are the self-evident reasons for this most perilous experiment ever performed on the entire human race without its knowledge or required consent?




And the preceding list of ongoing crimes against humanity only represents the top 3 priorities of OPERATION COVID-19 and the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

Overwhelming Evidence

With each passing week, the whole world is presented with a rapidly growing body of hard scientific proof, circumstantial evidence and anecdotal testimony that irrefutably confirms a highly planned and meticulously executed genocide is at work.

The SOTN Alt Media news platform, alone, has posted and published volumes of indisputable information and official data that establishes the explicit intent to carry out a global depopulation crime spree.

When all of the various Covid crime sprees are considered in the aggregate, it’s clear that a crime wave of epic proportions has been unleashed on the planet.  And, yet, humankind has only just begun to witness a small amount of death and disease that Covid was designed inflict on every continent.

What’s the critical point here, people?! 

When anyone comes at you with a knife, you have every right to self-defense…even taking the life of your assailant if that’s the only means to protect yourself from life-threatening injuries.  Right?!

Likewise, if someone is shooting at you with a firearm, you have every right to shoot them back, even if they must be killed.  True?!

Similarly, should any government or corporation or other party, force a lethal vaccination on you, you have the God-given right to remove them from power and/or position post-haste.

Biological and Chemical Assault

What the COVID-19 bioweapons and weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ really represent are patently unlawful biological and chemical assaults against humanity inflicted with the explicit intention to murder, maim, debilitate, incapacitate, mutilate and, in many other ways, do irreparable harm to the unaware victims.

Let’s be very clear:

No one — no government, no corporation, no business, no individual or other entity under the sun — has the legal right or legitimate authority to poison any of us or inject harmful substances into our body. 

No government or corporate entity can lawfully order the administration of harmful vaccines that contain undisclosed biological and/or chemical agents, some of which are highly hazardous to the human health, others being quite fatal.  

Likewise, no entity has the legitimate power to injure or harm us through the enforcement of any governmental law or statute, rule or regulation, mandate or order. Neither does any governmental or corporate process or procedure, which harms or defrauds, have any legitimacy in law.

In light of these self-evident legal principles and statutory truths, the billions of aggrieved individuals scattered around the globe have multiple legal remedies in view of the Covid shot-driven genocide.

Because the Big Pharma vax corporations which have manufactured the fake vaccines deliberately failed to reveal the full list of harmful ingredients, each of them is legally and financially liable to those who have been vaccine injured. The same is true for those who have yet to sustain any demonstrable injury or illness. (For millions of victims took the Covid ‘vaccines’ without informed consent.)

Because of hard evidence proving “Intentional Deception”
by Pfizer, “the doors for lawsuits just blew wide open”
— Florida Commercial Litigation Attorney

Likewise, those governments — at every level — that willfully participated in this genocidal scheme are also liable for damages both compensatory and punitive.

However, it is the vast criminal conspiracy intentionally carried to commit mass murder and spread disease that the Covid crime perpetrators must be held immediately responsible for.  For there is only one way to expeditiously shut down the Covid vaccine juggernaut rolling across the planet—the perps must be apprehended and tried to the fullest extent of the law.

Should We the People be thwarted in our rightful endeavor to terminate the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda, we possess every valid right and constitutional authority to arrest the Covid criminals and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law—vigilante-style.

Bottom Line: Truly, we are at the crucial point of “who will take down who first”.  The New World Order globalist cabal knows that, once they successfully jab a critical mass of people worldwide, they have effectively won the war.  Therefore, We the People must act quickly and decisively if we are to prevent a full-blown COVID-1984 scenario from overtaking the entire planetary civilization.  Exactly what does the overwhelming force of tremendous “People Power” look like?  As follows:

Here’s How Trudeau’s Terrible Tyranny
Can Be Terminated Today

State of the Nation
October 10, 2021

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It’s nothing less than systematic medical assault and premeditated mass murder!