1. ian says:

    D2. Who are you. You come on Tap, out of the blue, full of philosophical cult religious stuff. Now you’re posting good stuff with crappy comments. Ice age farmer is good, as is Max Igan from an earlier post by you. You intrigue me. You’re not the normal Tapnews Visitor. Who and why are you on here.?

  2. David 2 says:

    Who are you? You come on Tap full of ideas and stuff. You intrigue me. Who and why are you on here?

    I have just asked the same question of you.

    We are all Homo sapiens and have the unique ability to reason, we can ask the question and then try to figure it out.

    I happen to think that we are in the most unique time in history. I also do not think it is by accident that we are alive to share this experience. That makes us special in a humble way, as we are witnessing events unfolding that a few years ago would have seemed totally preposterous.

    I do not know know who I am anymore than anyone else does. However I do regard myself as privileged to be alive here and now.

    My wife reads food recipes and I read metaphysical works. I am always fed with good food and sometime I come up with a conversation that perhaps provides food for the mind. I like to share whatever I find and it is a privilege to be given the opportunity to post some pertinent articles that help to understand the battle which is being waged, to destroy all that it means to be human.

    Like you or the Australian guy Max that was posted in todays video or Clif High yesterday, I share opinions so that we help to educate one another.

    Even if I have used the word two times, It is a supreme privilege. Thank you Tap for this web site, I have learned more in a short period of time from being here than anyone could imagine.

    Hopefully we will celebrate, the end of the Shadow Government and their bought and paid for minions in the not too distant future. It will probably take Nuremburg trials and perhaps the death of many innocents to end their callous inhumanity.

    We are living in the enlightened age of Aquarius, which is the age of energy, knowledge and fraternity. When humans take back control of the Earth and their own destiny.

    A rebirth to a new age must involve letting the old age go. However life will go on for perhaps billions of years to come. If the astrologers are correct, Aquarius will last for over two thousand years.

    Obviously I cannot prove the ages, however energy levels and awareness is changing. The power elite are on the back foot and we have won the battle. Lets go Biden! refers to the politicians, the pharmaceutical companies, the banks, the media and probably most of the bought and paid for medical profession.

  3. ian says:

    A fair reply David2. and me, I tend to see things as they are, and no amount of telling me different will change my opinion if I see it as how I see it is. Back in the good old days, when parents were free to belt or batter their kids, my mother used to give me some right old beltings, for not going along with something just because it was “how it is”. Some have called me a rebel, but that’s not how I see me, I am or see myself as a realist. I am borderline Aspergers as I’ve mentioned before, in some circumstances I can be a little socially awkward, but mostly I’m ok. I’m best as a one on one person, and don’t fare well in groups. I’m not so good on spiritual stuff, as it seems that there’s a requirement to believe stuff that seems totally ridiculous, because a guy in funny clothes says so. I also have personal knowledge that we don’t know everything about human psychic abilities.
    I could say more but I don’t want to bore the tits off you.

    Like you I think that Tap news wire, gives us a unique opportunity to share information, and the regulars feel like family to me. It also must annoy some folks, I assume part of 77 brigade, as despite my computer security not being breached other than by back door methods, I encounter oddities quite often.

  4. David 2 says:

    Thanks Ian,

    We are all here to support each other, it is what a community does. I am from a family of four boys. My mother used to say that there is always one awkward one. For some reason she seemed to be speaking to me.

    I had a discussion over lunch with a UK bishop and he said there is religion and there is spirituality. I define spirituality as the energy of life.

    Both Clif High and Max Igan mention that some event will take place between 24th and 28th of this month. Neither can identify what that event will be, other than it will have a major impact on the world.

    Interesting times.

    • ian says:

      Indeed D2 very interesting and worrying times. Tap say’s try to stay positive, but it’s sometimes not easy.