85% of Covid-19 deaths in New South Wales, Australia are among the Fully Vaccinated

Six of the seven recent Covid-19 deaths in New South Wales, Australia were people who had been vaccinated against the alleged disease.

Speaking at a press conference, New South Wales Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Marianne Gale said that “tragically today, we announced the deaths of seven people who had lost their lives to COVID-19, four women and three men.

“One person was in their 40s, one person in their 50s, two people in their 70s, two people in their 80s, and one person who was in their 90s, all of those individuals had underlying health conditions, one person was not vaccinated, three people had received one dose of the COVID vaccine, and three people had received two doses of the COVID vaccine.”

The UK is currently in the midst of a third wave which is seeing deaths occurring at a rate over eleven time higher than the same period in 2020, despite the majority of the adult population allegedly now being vaccinated.

So just seven deaths occurring in New South Wales, 85% of which were vaccinated, may not seem alot, but you only need to look at the number of deaths recorded in Australia since the pandemic stuck in 2020 to realise that it actually is,and they are occurring when the state of New South Wales is living under Draconian restrictions that are supposed to curb deaths on top of the alleged effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines.

As you can see from the above data, the seven deaths recorded in one day on the 27th September is actually among the highest number of alleged Covid-19 deaths to occur over a 24 hour period throughout New South Wales, Australia during this entire pandemic.

This is clear evidence that lockdowns and the Covid-19 vaccines do not work, because the state of New South Wales is currently suffering both. The state has enforced stay at home orders for much of New South Wales for the past two months, alongside mandatory mask wearing both indoors and outdoors, permits to leave home, and permits to go to work, as well as carrying out an extensive Covid-19 vaccination programme.

The real question of course is why on earth did they lockdown in the first place when so few deaths were occurring associated with Covid-19?

The answer is simple. It’s because this isn’t about a virus, it’s about control.