5 Ways COVID Vaccines Alter Human Beings Physically

Unvaccinated members of society are being ostracized throughout the world. They have been evicted by landlords, dropped by doctors, banned from hospitals, and fired from jobs. Upstanding military personnel receive court-martial summons. Doting parents lose custody of their children for simply declining an experimental gene therapy infusion. Anyone who dares to ask questions is labeled a conspiracy theorist and sharing an unfavorable personal account is deemed anti-science. Yet mounting evidence is proving these “safe and effective” shots are not what the so-called experts claim. Here’s a look at five physical changes developing in the vaccinated.

Millions of doses have already been administered despite lacking knowledge of the long-term effects.

Dr. Bärbel Ghitalla, a German physician, identified disturbing anomalies in blood obtained from immunized individuals. Her detailed analysis of numerous samples consistently produced the same bizarre results: red blood cells in the inoculated converted to a positive charge. Healthy erythrocytes naturally possess a negative current, allowing them to repel each other. On the contrary, an inversion will cause cellular stacking or rouleaux formations. Such characteristics are typically seen in cancers. Further studies revealed the presence of metallic light-refracting spiraled objects. Ghitalla and other medical professionals observed severe damage to the corpuscles. It reveals dangerous thrombotic activity indicative of essential artery blockage. The alarmed doctor stated: “I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m afraid for my vaccinated patients.”


Philippe van Welbergen is a UK-based doctor with over 40 years of experience. Vials of blood were obtained from his injected clients and microscopically examined. A catastrophic difference became apparent when comparing their slides to those of the unvaccinated. Formerly round cells had mutated into jagged and malformed shapes. So much aggregation occurred that a center core could no longer be distinguished. An inflammatory reaction caused the cells to enlarge. Mysterious tubular structures could be seen with amplified magnification. Interestingly, these findings corroborate with data obtained by Spanish researchers from La Quinta Columna and an Argentinian phlebotomy team. Despite being bribed with financial incentives, Dr. van Welbergen refuses to offer the jab to patients. According to the trauma surgeon, doing so would violate his Hippocratic Oath of first do no harm.


In December of 2020, Australia was forced to cease vaccine distributions after several volunteers tested HIV positive. Representatives promptly assured the general public it was merely a coincidence. However, Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Act, asserts genetically modified viruses are intentionally added to these ‘Frankenshots’. COVID profiteer Anthony Fauci has a long and corrupt history concerning AIDS. He was appointed Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 1984. That very same year HIV was ‘discovered’ by Robert Gallo. Fauci knowingly promoted the lethal drug AZT on vulnerable communities. Thousands were prescribed the expensive medication sinisterly designed to kill them. With a newly manufactured deadly epidemic, the diabolical doctor could further advance his career while receiving massive kickbacks from Big Pharma executives.


One of the most perturbing side effects made headlines after vaccinated social media users began to document magnets sticking to their bodies. The viral Tik Tok challenge gained so much popularity that a Mexican news channel attempted to debunk these claims on live TV. Comically, the plan backfired when a spoon repeatedly stuck to one recently injected audience member. Last month Japan pulled 2.6 million Moderna doses following the deaths of two young men. Officials tested the batches and uncovered an unidentified substance which “reacts to magnets”. Dr. Jane Ruby, a pharmaceutical specialist for more than 20 years, believes this phenomenon is due to magnetic nanoparticles being deliberately inserted. These synthetic atoms can be used as an mRNA delivery system within the body. Through a process called ‘magneto-fection’, magnetic fields are chemically concentrated and alter a person’s physiological composition.


Canadian general practitioner, Dr. Charles Hoffe, noticed a staggering portion of his inoculated patients suffered from debilitating complications and neurological problems. Upon administering D-dimer diagnostic tests, he ascertained 62% had blood clots. Based on the MD’s research, each dose of Moderna injects 40 trillion mRNA particles. Once dispersed, permanent capillary alterations can take place. Many parts of the body, such as the brain and spinal cord, cannot regenerate so any damage sustained is irreversible. Since the shots contain self-replicating technology, these issues will only progress with time. Hoffe expressed his immense dread and warned the majority of fully vaccinated people will die in less than two years due to heart failure. Shortly after the whistleblower spoke out, administrators accused him of promoting “vaccine hesitancy”. As a punishment for crimes of critical thinking and justified concern, Interior Health Authority leaders suspended his clinical license.

Scientists are discovering alarming anomalies in the blood of vaccinated individuals.

Fatality rates spiked following inoculation rollouts. Countries with the highest vaccination rates have hospitals brimming with sick residents. Blood clots, miscarriages, strokes, heart inflammation, and neurological complications continuously skyrocket. VAERS, an electronic database of adverse reactions, reported more deaths in the first six months of 2021 than the previous thirty years combined. Nevertheless, manufacturers have nothing to worry about (aside from making billions in profits) due to full legal immunity. Global powers do not care about alternative points of view, religious freedom, or bodily autonomy. They simply want more power and greater levels of control. Something peculiar is occurring in vaccine recipients. Precisely what that is, only time will tell.