The Storm before the Calm


by Steve Cook

People are wiser to the tricks of government and its puppet masters than the Enemies of Man carrying forward this attack on humanity bargained for.

The resistance is growing at an exponential rate. Across the world people are quitting jobs in defiance of vaccine mandates.

This of course will create staff shortages in many areas, especially business and sectors that have enforced vax mandates, such as the health service, airlines, the military and so forth.

As the ensuing weeks and months unfold we will see a steady rise in serious illness among the vaxed.

This will create more staff shortages caused by absenteeism to add to those caused by loss of the services of the unvaxed.

The absenteeism will become worse as time goes on as more an more vaxed people fall ill.

Those businesses and sectors employing the healthier unvaxed will be at a distinct advantage and be the most likely to survive.

Blood donated by the vaxed will become a liability and uncontaminated blood donated by the unvaxed more valuable.

The unvaxed will become more valuable and much sought after in the labour market and more likely to win promotion as they come with less likelihood of developing illnesses that will keep them off work.

Businesses and sectors employing only the vaxed will be the hardest hit.

The health service will be very badly hit by the above mentioned loss of staff coinciding with increased demand placed on it because millions of vaxed people are getting sick.

Many of the young people vaccinated now will suffer a lifetime of illness in greater or lesser degree, childless partnerships and shorter life expectancy.

Millions of the vaxed will ally with the unvaxed as the government politicians, ministers and bureaucrats and their collaborators forcing the booby trapped pseudo vaccines are recognised as the true culprits and common enemy. And so the common enemy, ultimately friendless, will fall.

Honest, progressive administrators and men of science and ideas, currently ridiculed and marginalised, will at last come to the fore as humanity looks around and asks, “what do we do now?”

And they will lead us – or rather, we will all help one another – into a more enlightened and, frankly, less stupid age.

In this nascent age, among many other desirable things, honest scientists will undertake crash programs of research into ways to repair the damage done to millions of human beings by the chemical weapons of the late, unlamented fallen globalist elite known as “vaccines.”

And such remedies will be found.

A new, more tolerable world will form.

And t will all, in the end, come out all right.

So let’s make it so.

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