3 Months Before COVID, the EU Union Was Swallowing the Vaccine Soup Served by Gates and Big Pharma

3 months before COVID, the Union was eating the vaccine soup served by Bill Gates and Big Pharma


The European Commission did not wait for COVID to promote sales of vaccines manufactured by Big Pharma.

This is probably a key element, which has gone under the radar, that explains why the Commission has become the best customer of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca during the COVID epidemic. As early as September 2019, the Commission was organizing the first Global Vaccination Summit, in partnership with the WHO… and the vaccine industry, of which the Bill Gates Foundation is a pillar. This was three months before the start of an epidemic that has been a formidable profit gas pedal for an entire industry.


Is the European Commission the best advertising vehicle for the vaccine industry? This question, which has been taboo since the outbreak of the COVID epidemic, probably deserves to be explored in greater depth, as the boundaries between European “politicians” and industrial interests seem to have been porous for several years.

This is evidenced by the revealing “Global Vaccination Summit” of September 12, 2019, organized jointly by the European Commission, the World Health Organization, and the pharmaceutical industry. Among the latter, we find the Pasteur Institute, the Pfizer group, and two flagships of this industry that deserve to be known: the GAVI (which we will come back to) and the Gates Foundation.

The European Commission and the religion of the vaccine

It should be noted that this grand religious mass (it is appropriate), included round tables which do not make a mystery of the sacrosanct status of vaccines. The 10:30 a.m. round table, for example, entitled “In Vaccines we trust”, is a perfect illustration of the replacement of God by the little vial that is supposed to save the world. It is amusing to note that one of the speakers at this table was an employee of Facebook.

The second round table was entitled: “the magic of science”. This expression is also revealing of the supernatural dimension that the vaccine industry intends to coat its products with in order to sell them better. The third round table, entitled “Vaccines protect everyone everywhere” does not hesitate to evoke a kind of divine omnipresence.

We find here the two phenomena to which COVID has accustomed us: on the one hand, the vaccine is a monotheistic religious cult, on the other hand, it is carried by a caste under white Protestant influence in North America, a daily practitioner of efficient altruism. Selling vaccines saves humanity and enriches the manufacturers: this is the ideal world.

Intense lobbying by Bill Gates

As it happens, this universalist ode to vaccines was not spontaneously declaimed. One could even say that it has been the subject of intense lobbying by the Bill Gates galaxy for more than a decade.

Thus, we find this evocative article in the British press as early as 2011: “Bill Gates confident for a world summit on vaccination”. It is funny to see the professionalism, the constancy, the determination of Bill Gates and the vaccine manufacturers to implement their projects. This world summit on vaccination held at the highest European (and not American) level will have taken ten years to hatch. But it will have blossomed.

There could not be a better example of the pharmaceutical industry’s effectiveness in the field of lobbying. Bringing together the European Commission (including EU representative Mogherini), the WHO and numerous political figures to defend their interests, endorsing all their language, hats off to them!

Multilateralism and the vaccine industry

The organization of this summit under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry sheds light on a poorly understood aspect of the Great Reset: the importance of multilateralism for the defense of industrial interests, particularly in the pharmaceutical field. It is obviously easier to influence a single institution that oversees a market of 300 or 400 (ER: 500) million potential customers, rather than 27 governments, some of which govern lilliputian territories.

It should be remembered that, progressively, it is the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that has centralized conditional marketing authorizations for member states in the event of an epidemic. This mechanism was notably applied for the H5N1 epidemic in 2009. The Commission is therefore a prime target for large globalized companies that want to benefit from regulatory protections to sell their products without competition.

It should be noted that the Commission has finally formalized its ties of interest with the pharmaceutical industry.

The role of GAVI and Bill Gates

In the interweaving of industrial lobbies in the service of vaccines and vaccination in all its forms, there is a discreet but particularly interesting structure: GAVI (Vaccine Alliance). To understand what it is about, you just have to look at this diagram published on the Alliance’s website, which illustrates the influence policy deployed by the vaccine industry:

Lobbying insiders immediately understand the meaning of this diagram: it explains that GAVI is an influential structure led by the Bill Gates Foundation, interweaving public and private interests, including Unicef, WHO, the World Bank, researchers and the vaccine industry. This kind of organization could be described as a “Trojan horse” in charge of unifying the vaccine industry behind “targeted” campaigns (on public authorities, of course) to promote the image of the vaccine itself.

An epidemic at the right time

It is understandable that, after 10 years of effort to obtain the official support of the European Commission in the promotion of the vaccine as a universal religion, the industry was jubilant when the COVID epidemic broke out. For the moment, we do not yet know all the ins and outs of the extreme reactivity of certain laboratories at the beginning of the epidemic. But one fact is certain: the all-vaccine strategy deployed by the European Commission was not improvised after the outbreak. It had been prepared for a long time.

We can congratulate the laboratories and Bill Gates for their work of anticipation. Despite the smoke screen of a subsidized press, it would be good to demystify the vaccine and to dismantle the processes of influence that have transformed public health policies into a hyper-market for the big laboratories.



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3 Months Before COVID, the EU Union Was Swallowing the Vaccine Soup Served by Gates and Big Pharma