The Mag-Jab: Your informed consent is essential

When you trusted the white coats with the mag-jab,
Did you agree to be stabbed in the back?
Did they inform you the vial contains graphene Oxide?
That a neural spider’s web would form inside,
Or that you would possibly be magnetised?
Did the quacks inform you of how 5G irradiation
May be the cause of dangerous coagulation?
Without any of this, how could you consent
To being injected with the vials of vile content?


There can be no informed consent when the offer of the mag-jab fails to disclose the contents of the vial, thereby rendering it a fraud perpetrated against all its victims.

As stated on previous occasions, the roll out of the graphene-oxide-ladened vials of poison is a monstrous act of mass murder on the part of Big Pharma and its government lackeys. Indeed, the entirety of the authorisation for the mag-jab rests on the false claim that there is a pandemic.

 Labeling the mRNA technology employed by Pfizer and Moderna a “vaccine” stretches the term’s definition beyond reasonable limits. While it is true that such an intervention technically fulfills the purpose of vaccination by encouraging acquired immunity against an infectious disease, it does not contain any attenuated biologics typical of traditional vaccination; it may be more accurate, therefore, to label such as a “synthetic pathogen delivery device” constituting a form of “gene therapy”.  Source

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Informed consent is essential