NHS flags big push on flu vaccine in autumn 2021.

Just as people are getting used to (tired of) all the hype about COVID and the COVID vaccine, here comes a switch.  The NHS is going to plaster the airwaves with fear of a new flu coming to a store near you (at least the flu vaccine will be!).  How do I know?  My doctor told me, clearly believing this latest narrative of a big threat from a new flu coming shortly, and we had better be well prepared for the outbreak – you guessed with lots more jabs being touted as our salvation.  Will this vaccine be adding to the blood clots from the COVID vaccine, the mRNA and the numbers of people being admitted to hospital, dare I say, with many dying after being vaccinated (Over 50,000 in England within 28 days of their jab so far)?

I would not be surprised.

Flu disappeared in 2020 to make way for COVID to grab the media fear button.

Well flu’s had enough of playing second fiddle according to my doctor and is soon going to go for top billing in the fear stakes, driving yet more of the unvaccinated towards to the lethal needle.

Flu or COVID?  Which flavour tickles your fear button the most?

At least there’s a choice being offered!

Of course, like a coward, I agreed to my doctor’s face that we must keep jabbing the people to save them from the newest bogeyman dreamed up by the ludicrous fear-mongering of the media and the NHS.  I don’t have that many friends seeing as I’m a conspiracy/truth/light worker/blogger, and I’d hate to be the one to upset my doctor’s happy dream that he’s saving the world while he’s in fact executing his patients with the lethal blood-clotting concoction contained in his vaccines.  On occasions he’s been very helpful to us fixing a problem with the kids and so on.

He had no doubts.  There is a big flu vaccine push coming.  Be ready.  Be warned.  Etc.  Etc.  As usual the illness is no problem.  It’s the cure that will kill you.