When you are lied to with a vengeance by idiots and maniacs

by Fabian Ubiquitus

Let’s step back from the noise and hysteria for a moment and look things over.

Nobody knows for sure what is going to happen to the millions the government has conned or browbeaten into being injected with the experimental biochemical agents it deceitfully describes as “vaccines”.

Some of the predictions from various epidemiologists, immunologists and even the inventor of mRNA technology, of widespread fatalities and serious illness over the coming months and years are pretty dire.

We will have to watch and pray over the next few months, and particularly this autumn with the advent of a new flu season, that the consequences of the government’s reckless obsession with injecting every citizen with these experimental agents are not as horrific as some are predicting.

As it is, there already appear to be early signs that all is not well for the vaccinated as the Covid vaxes accrue record numbers of fatalities and adverse reactions even this early in the proceedings. Yet, the immediate-term worries notwithstanding, the primary concern has always been the long term effects of these experimental agents upon those injected with them.

If indeed significant numbers of vaccinated people start getting sick or dying as a result of what they have  been injected with, the government will face the wrath of the people – a wrath well deserved because it fervently pushed these chemicals on the populace and repeatedly consistently and calculatingly lied about their safety.

The government will naturally pull every ruse, dodge and fib in the book to try to shift the blame, doing its usual trick of making up the science and fiddling the stats as it goes along.

The fact of the matter however is that the experimental “vaccines” were touted as a safe protection against the “dangers” of Covid 19.

If the vaxed get sick in significant numbers from a host of ailments such as blood clots, heart inflammation, miscarriages, various autoimmune diseases, and indeed severe Coronavirus infections, then clearly claims that the vaxes are safe and effective will be shown to be false.

Most telling will be comparisons between the fortunes of the vaxed compared with the unvaxed for each demographic. Expect the gov to fudge and distort the figures much as they have been doing from the outset of this fake pandemic.

It may well be that the desperation of the government to get everybody vaxed is due to the fact that it would have removed the unvaxed as a control group against which the medium and long term health of the vaxed could be compared. For instance, if it ever transpired that the unvaxed live significantly longer than the vaxed, have fewer blood clots, miscarriages, fertility problems, heart problems, autoimmune diseases, serious chest infections and so on, it will become very, very obvious that the gov had through negligence, recklessness or malice aforethought inflicted illness and a shortened life span upon millions of its citizens.

Of course, when the gov talks about the dangers of Covid19 and encourages us to vax in order to be safe from it, not only does it skip briefing us on the very real adverse reactions and fatalities now showing up, it also blindly avoids specifying WHO SPECIFICALLY is is in such danger from COVID that they should risk the rushed  and inadequately tested pseudo-vaccines?

Is it the kids or young adults? No. They are in virtually no danger at all, even less danger in fact that they would be from ordinary influenza.  The stats of this bug tell us very clearly that the demographic for which Covid19 is a threat are the very old and/or frail.

All right, so one argument with which we are persuaded to risk the vax is to do it to “protect others”. Kids, for example, are told that they will be protecting grandma and grandad from catching a bug that might kill them. Speaking as a grandad there is no way I want my grandkids risking these so-called vaccines in order to protect me. If I am to some degree or other at risk, how is it better that I lessen the risk by putting my grandkids at risk?

Allied to this is the puerile argument that not getting vaxed is “selfish”. I would have thought that expecting others to get an experimental jab they don’t need with more adverse reactions than any jab in history in order to protect me is selfish.

And none of this takes into account the millions of people who have had a mild or severe dose of the bug and are now immune and therefore neither need the jab nor others to get jabbed in order to “protect” them.

But even the old and frail are in large measure “at risk” from this very treatable bug only because the several known safe remedies have been suppressed, or withheld from those who need them. Had that not been done, the Covid19 fatalities would have  been very low indeed. If the gov was serious about protecting people from this “deadly” bug, why withhold the treatments that would  have reduced fatalities and hospitalisations by 80% or more?

Then you get the argument – a shifting of the goal posts as more and more of the vaxed get sick from the very bug they have just been vaccinated against – that “the jab doesn’t actually give you immunity, it just lessens the severity of your symptoms”. This is like having a Polio jab on the assumption you will be protected from catching Polio only to be informed that, well, the Polio jab doesn’t actually  stop you getting Polio, it just means you might by some unspecified degree wind up a bit less paralysed, or paralysed but not dead. Possibly.

So the jab we were allowed to believe would render us safe from the bug isn’t quite what we were led to believe and in fact is unlike other vaccines such as those for Polio, Diptheria, TB and so forth. So not only is it more prone to cause serious adverse reactions than any other vaxes, it is also less effective than its predecessors and thus less worth having, particularly as its predecessors protect one from diseases far more dangerous.

The Covid jabs allegedly make the symptoms “less severe” whatever that means exactly, but the known remedial protocols such as those involving Ivermectin, vitamin D and so forth already do that but without the adverse reactions and fatal side effects! Not only that but someone treated with these protocols, having had Covid19 and recovered also now has a natural immunity far more robust than that conferred by the “vaccines”.

We are being lied to with a vengeance by idiots and maniacs.

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When you are lied to with a vengeance by idiots and maniacs


2 Responses to “When you are lied to with a vengeance by idiots and maniacs”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    …it will become very, very obvious that the gov had through negligence, recklessness or malice aforethought inflicted illness and a shortened life span upon millions of its citizens.

    Perhaps to us and anyone reading this article and stories like it: Yes, it couldn’t be more obvious… But to the obedient muzzled zombies? Forget it! NOTHING will ever convince any of them that this whole thing is just a scam designed to fool them into surrendering their freedom and God-given rights to lying humanity loathing freemasons and other secret society satanists. who control everyone and everything on this Godforsaken planet.