The Covid-19 Vaccines are NOT working, and the authorities know it because the data shows it – Just ask the fully vaccinated Health Secretary who now has Covid-19

The Covid-19 vaccines have been billed as the saviour of humanity from this alleged pandemic. However, the data shows that they are proving to be quite the opposite.

Just ask the new Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who had his second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine on the 16th May 2021, and is now self-isolating at home with his family after testing positive for Covid-19 on the 17th July 2021, two months later.

Even Public Health England data shows us that the majority of people now dying with Covid-19 have been fully vaccinated. 68% of the deaths to have occurred in the over 50’s since February 2021 have been people who had received two doses of the jab.

Once you do the maths based on the data presented by PHE you can see that your risk of dying with Covid-19 is 990% higher if you are fully vaccinated compared to not being vaccinated at all. The data also shows us that your chances of being hospitalised with Covid-19 increases by 81.24% if you have had two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. This is not what they said they would do on the tin.

Of course, the UK could just be the anomaly. Maybe its because of all the “Covidiots” living their lives as normal? As is their basic human right to be able to do. To know this we need to look at what’s happening in other countries.

Well, let’s start with Israel. Israel has been the global leader in COVID-19 vaccine administration per capita. Israel started its vaccination programme in December, led by then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Six weeks after, roughly 64% of the general population (and about 90% of older people) in Israel had received at least one dose of Pfizer’s two-shot COVID-19 vaccine. Just over a half had got two doses.

By the 21st May 2021, Israel had fully vaccinated just under 60% of it’s entire population. Don’t forget children make up a significant amount of that population and have not been vaccinated.

But by the 21st June 2021 confirmed cases of Covid-19 per million people in Israel began to double week on week. Rising from 4.95 cases per million people to 85.11 case per million people by July 17th.

Of course, this should not come as any surprise. Those capable of reading, and willing to do a little bit of their own research will know that none of the Covid-19 vaccines have been proven to stop infection or transmission of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus. Instead, they have questionably been “proven” to reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death if infected.

But the rising cases have been used to reintroduce quarantine and mask wearing indoors in Israel, this isn’t what they signed up for when they were told the vaccine was the way out of this dictatorial tyranny that has been imposed worldwide.

Next up we have Malta. The hilarity of this one being that Malta has decided to impose discriminatory policies against tourists that mean only the fully vaccinated can enter the country.

Malta had fully vaccinated 70% of its population by June 26th 2021. By July 15th this had risen to 80% of its population.

However, within the exact same time frame cases of Covid-19 per million people in Malta have risen from 5.82 per million on June 26th to 452.46 per million on July 17th.

70% of the population fully vaccinated 4 weeks prior to a significant rise in cases. No unvaccinated tourists to blame for the rise because they’re not allowed in the country. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the Covid-19 vaccines are either not working or they are the cause of the alleged problem.

Do you remember India’s alleged Covid-19 crisis? You know, the one that the mainstream media in the United Kingdom hijacked so that they could maintain a level of fear throughout the country in order to coerce you into taking an experimental “vaccine”. The one they’ve stopped talking about now that the data in India doesn’t support their narrative.

India began using Ivermectin late August 2020, and as you can see from the graph above it had great success in reducing the number of daily deaths attributed to Covid-19. However, for some strange reason they switched tack in January to the experimental Covid-19 vaccines. But didn’t really get going with the vaccine roll-out until the end of February.

Fast forward two weeks and the deaths attributed to Covid-19, which had almost flat lined suddenly started to rise at an unexplained and exponential rate compared to the rate previously seen in India. It is at this moment that the mainstream media pounced, and a fresh wave of fear propaganda was broadcast on every TV screen and published in every newspaper in Britain.

You probably don’t have any idea how India is doing at the moment. That will be because the number of daily confirmed Covid-19 cases per million people has plummeted. On the 9th of May cases in India peaked at 283.34 per million people.

As of July 17th, they now stand at 27.83 per million people.

What a success story that is, surely the mainstream media would be jumping all over this to show you how wonderful and fantastic the Covid-19 vaccine have been at fixing India’s alleged Covid-19 crisis.

Except they haven’t have they?

That’s because it’s impossible for them to attribute the decline in cases to the vaccines when only 2% of India’s population were fully vaccinated by May 1st, two weeks prior to the peak in alleged Covid cases.

By July 16th just 5.87% of India’s population had been fully vaccinated, yet cases were almost at their lowest level throughout this entire alleged pandemic and continue to decline now.

You can bet your life that if India’s vaccination programme really ramps up again, they will begin to see a steep rise in confirmed cases of Covid-19. It’s happening everywhere, so why would India be any different.

You only have to look at the United Kingdom…

The jabs don’t work, they just make you worse, why did you get yours again?