1. Tapestry says:

    When rates of death increase, people must know that the cause is not COVID but the vaccine. The media will be calling it COVID. We should be studying how to survive the vaccine, not worry about COVID. Prepare for what’s coming. Maybe 10% of the population will die within two to three years. Build your communities where you live. People’s fertility is being undermined by the mRNA ‘vaccine’ as well as them losing life expectancy. We must keep as many people alive as we can. Paraphrase. It’s a spiritual war. We need love, kindness and truth. Millions of us are working together. http://www.custodian.com

    • Whackd says:

      The info is leaking out in a convoluted way

      Maybe people whose cats are dying or who are having miscarriages, swollen testicles and nosebleeds might figure out why after reading that article?

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “When rates of death increase, people must know that the cause is not COVID but the vaccine.”
      Oh I wouldn’t bet on it Tap, most of the people are pretty hopelessly and quite disturbingly, dumbed down, therefore conditioned to believe anything they’re told, especially anything morbid and terrifying.

  2. chrissy says:

    Can someone please explain the best way to share this video to family and friends? Is registering the only way to view this content? Thank you.

    • Mike says:

      Click the envelope in the social icons under the main post. This will open your default email service with a message containing the link to the post.

      You may need to change your browser’s default email service under tools or similar.

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