Leading Scientist Brought To His Knees By Gates & Big Pharma

Leading Scientist Brought To His Knees By Gates & Big Pharma

By TLB Contributing Partner: Christina England, BA, Hons

On July 20, 2021, we heard the sad news that Keele University in Staffordshire has made the internal decision to terminate Professor Christopher Exley’s position at the university. He has been told that he has to leave the premises by the end of August.

Exley, as many of you know, is the world’s leading aluminum expert and this move by the university will put an end to 35 years of aluminum research by not only the professor but also his whole team.

He told his devoted email list that:

“We have, of course, tried to find a new home for our research. However, the costs of moving a laboratory and establishing it elsewhere are very high. It is also difficult to find academic establishments that have not been seduced (corrupted) by Gates, GAVI etc.

Thank you for your collaboration, support and friendship over many years. I hope that my ‘leaving the building’ will not be a carte blanche for the aluminium industry to further pollute our world with their products and without redress.”

The unit headed by Professor Exley at the university started off with three general themes, of which their group focus was aluminum and silicon in biology. Led by Exley, FRSB, the current research themes within the group are varied, including metals and amyloids; biosilicification in plant species; human exposure to aluminum, whether intentional (e.g. in antiperspirants or adjuvants) or unintentional; and hydroxyaluminosilicates. [1]

Since Exley joined the university, the unit has gone from strength to strength, and the vast areas of research that the team has produced have been beyond exemplary; therefore, why did the university’s superiors decide to put an end to Exley’s research?

Was Professor Exley’s Research too Hot to Handle?

Professor Exley’s work first began in 1984, at Stirling University in Scotland, examining aluminum toxicity in fish. Since his move to Keele, he and his team have researched a huge variety of topics involving aluminum and have written hundreds of papers.

His work included a number of papers explaining how the use of aluminum in vaccinations may be responsible for neurological brain disorders in children.

In 2017, research undertaken by Exley and his team left parents with little doubt that aluminum plays a crucial part affecting the brain tissue of individuals with autism.

For the very first time, Exley and his team had the unique opportunity to examine the brain tissue of individuals who had died with a diagnosis of autism, and what they discovered was truly shocking. Their study determined that the brain tissue of individuals who had died with a diagnosis of autism contained the highest levels of aluminum of any other brain tissue that had been examined by the team.

In a video released on November 29, 2017, Exley explained his findings. He stated that:

“We were able to do two things: we were able to measure how much aluminum was in the brain in individuals who had died with autism, and we also able to look at the aluminum in the tissue using a microscopy technique called fluorescence. The amount of aluminum in the brain tissue was, I would say, extraordinarily high.” [2] (own emphasis)

I would like to clarify the fact that, these individuals died with a diagnoses of autism, they did not die OF autism.


The results of their study shocked the team because, over the years, they had examined the brain tissue of well over one hundred individuals and, according to Exley, the brain tissue of the individuals who had died with a diagnosis of autism contained the highest levels of aluminum that the team had ever seen.

As expected, their research was criticized by many experts and scientists because the team only had access to a limited number of brains that were available to be examined. Nevertheless, out of the brains that the team were able to examine, the results of their studies left them in little doubt that the aluminum content was extremely high.

However, despite the criticism Exley remained undeterred; he explained that the only brains that he had seen containing similar amounts of aluminum were the brains of the patients who had died with a diagnosis of familial Alzheimer’s disease. [3]

He stated that:

“In this relatively young group of people, some thirteen, fourteen, fifteen years of age, we saw more aluminum than we had seen in other circumstance.”

Exley’s statement is truly shocking, especially when you consider that he and his team had previously been examining the brain tissue of more senior patients who had died of Alzheimer’s disease. You would expect to find that individuals who died in their seventies and eighties would have a far greater concentration of aluminum in the brain than those who had died at the tender age of thirteen.

Exley continued by revealing that:

“Perhaps equally important if not more important were the microscopy studies. Microscopy studies enabled us to identify where the aluminum was in the brain tissue. When we looked at the brains of people with a diagnosis of autism, we found something completely different, something we have never seen before, as yet in any other set of human brains. We found that the majority of aluminum was actually inside the cells, ‘intracellular.’”

He explained that these cells were carrying with them a cargo of aluminum from the body into the brain. He stated that:

“We also saw evidence that cells in the lymph and in the blood were passing into the brain, so they were carrying with them a cargo of aluminum from the body into the brain. This is the first time in any brain tissue that we have seen, so this is a stand out and as yet unique observation in autism.”

This leads us to question, where the aluminum was coming from?

We are Being Bombarded with Aluminum Every Day

As many of us are aware, we are living in what Exley calls “the age of aluminum.” The human body is being bombarded with aluminum in everyday products. For example, many of our foods, vaccinations, medications, baby products, cosmetics, cleaning products and even soft furnishings contain aluminum, and it appears that we are powerless to prevent the ever-increasing onslaught.

Before embarking on this study, Exley had believed that there was no safe alternative to aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccinations. However, since studying the aluminum/autism link, he has had a change of heart.

He explained that:

“Because I have seen the same cells from the ones seen at the injection site carrying a cargo of aluminum into the brain tissue of individuals who have died of autism, I would now say we have to think very carefully about who receives a vaccine which includes an aluminum adjuvant.

We have to think carefully, is this vaccine a life saving vaccine or not? If it isn’t, don’t have it with an aluminum adjuvant.”

To read Professor Exley’s peer-reviewed study on aluminum in brain tissue in autism, see reference [4].

Another vaccination that contains an exceptionally high level of aluminum is the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil, and in September 2018, I had the rare opportunity to interview Professor Exley on his concerns, and what he had to say was, in our opinion, truly shocking.

During this interview, Exley explained to me in depth about the safety of aluminum salts being used as an adjuvant in vaccinations. What he revealed, we believe, was extremely worrying because, according to him, the HPV vaccination not only contains more aluminum that any other vaccination on the market, but also, according to data, it has been said to have caused more adverse reactions than any other vaccine. He stated that:

“The consensus of opinion out there in the wider world is always that these are relatively safe salts, that aluminum causes no damage and so being able to use something which is considered safe, which has as I have said costs absolutely nothing to the manufacturer, but also for which there has never been sort of safety trial, there has never been any sort of regulation, so you can use it as much or as little as you wish.”

Exley confirmed that Merck have listed a wide variety of adverse reactions ranging from numbness in the arm all the way to death in their product information leaflet.

Exley asked:

“Now, if parents knew that 1 in 50 recipients of the HPV vaccine will get ill following it and that that illness can be anything from a debilitating illness like paralysis of the arm through to death, would they then think that taking a vaccine, taking something when you are perfectly healthy is worth it or not and would the results have been the same?”

Our guess is that very few parents would agree to their child receiving a vaccine known to cause high numbers of adverse reactions, but as very few parents ever set eyes on the product information leaflet before their child is vaccinated, this is something we will never know. [5]


The research carried out by Exley and his team is second to none, so why would Keele University deliberately try to put an end to his research once and for all? Was his work too hot to handle in a world that believes vaccination will ultimately eradicate disease? Or could there be another reason why the decision was made to shut down his department?

First the university stopped all funding to Exley’s department. Then they put a stop to Exley receiving any funding from the public to continue his research.

In fact, they were so desperate to bring Exley and his team to their knees that they even rejected a $15,000 donation from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense organization, stating that:

“Prominent public figures or foundations could place the institution in an ethical and reputational predicament” and “could generate potentially negative media coverage and may also jeopardize the strong relationships it holds with its existing major funders and partners.” [6] (own emphasis) 

Who are the University’s Major Funders?

The Liberty Beacon believes that the reason that the university are so desperate to prevent Exley from continuing his research is the fact that the university are financially supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

They stated on their website that:

“Keele is tackling some of the world’s most urgent problems. We’re leading a project, part-supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to develop gene-drive technologies in mosquitoes to help eliminate malaria and reduce the mortality rate of 1,700 people per day in Sub-Saharan Africa. For more information on Keele’s research, please see the Research section on our website.” [7] (own emphasis)

Although Exley has been expecting the university to sever all ties with him for some time, their move has still shocked, disappointed and angered him. He told me that he will be making a full statement about their decision in September.



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Leading Scientist Brought To His Knees By Gates & Big Pharma


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