Freedom means deleting the app and ending the pingdemic.

Millions are deleting the app.  Seeing how people are being pushed into isolating by their apps, not surprisingly, millions are deleting them.  Do a fake sign in using only your phone camera.  Just take a picture and then delete it.  Restaurants think you’ve clocked on to the NHS pingdemic tracker.

Kids on Twitter are calling it the ‘clotshot’….  The sleeping are waking.

It seems we are in the midst of a ‘pingdemic’ as technology ( untested of course) isolates a million people who are double jabbed and symptomless (asymptomatic). A reminder that this whole scam is built on dodgy technology.  Bridget Vickers, English Democrats daily Update.

Front Desk writes

Factories, hospitals and pubs struggle as staff pinged by Test and Trace app

Good morning. Or perhaps not, if you’ve recently been pinged by the Test and Trace app. More than half a million people received notifications to self-isolate last week, and the sheer number of people stuck at home is starting to weigh on the economy.

One in five pub and cafe workers is thought to be self-isolating, hospitals are struggling with staff shortages and factories, including that of Rolls-Royce cars, are on the brink of having to close temporarily because so many employees have been pinged.

All this, remember, before “Freedom Day” has even arrived and people start piling into nightclubs, stadiums and festivals, or just standing at the bar in the local.

With the highly contagious Delta variant spreading at will and Britain testing more people than ever for Covid, it’s perhaps not a surprise, but it is a rather big problem.

There are, in theory, some tweaks the Government could make. Bill Gardner reports on rare cases of people who believe the app has marked them as close contacts through the walls of their homes.

Officials are looking at making the app less sensitive, but that could take weeks. From August 16, the fully vaccinated will be exempt from self-isolation, but in the meantime, millions could be pinged, perhaps multiple times.

There is, though, something odd about the way this wave of pings is being discussed. The app is, of course, doing exactly the job it was supposed to do. Cases are rising rapidly, more people are being hospitalised and deaths are slowly creeping back up. Self-isolation, done properly, should be keeping the number of infections down.

The assumption behind lifting the requirements on August 16 is that enough people will have been fully vaccinated, or, at this rate, infected and recovered. At which point, the number of pings should be falling anyway.

The next month, though, could be rather less than fun.

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One Response to “Freedom means deleting the app and ending the pingdemic.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The term ‘pingdemic’ has been adopted by the mainstream media, I see today. Obviously it’s better for them to shape the narrative their way than as intended by the inventor of the phrase ‘pingdemic’…the pandemic is all technology and bureaucratic chaos and nothing to do with any version of flu that we need bother with.