4 Responses to “Vernon Coleman.”

    • ian says:

      Hi, the video won’t open at all on Safari, even on Tor it just buffers, but the opening image gives away why. It would appear that the major vaccine manufacturers made famous by the Plandemic, have a very high percentage of Jews in the owner/CEO positions. They like to keep these things to themselves.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Played no dramas at all for me, on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. I don’t have Safari anymore, because I was having issues similar to what you describe, so uninstalled it.

      • ian says:

        Hi Alan, cheers for the info. I used to run firefox when I was on Windows, and right enough, it was pretty good, I’ll give it a go. Normally Tor runs anything that Safari doesn’t like you seeing, but not that.