UK Column demolishes government’s Covid propaganda

Intro by Steve Cook

More stunningly brilliant analysis from UK Colum, which we are very pleased to feature here for your enlightenment.

The bulletin is well worth watching all the way through for one revelation after another – not least among which is an analysis of the gov’s own stats that reveals the so-called Delta variant is producing a higher CFR (case fatality rate) among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated, with the CFR among the vaxed increasing, while the CFR among the unvaccinated approaching zero.

Watch the video for the full details but suffice to say here that this one datum alone demolishes both the government’s scaremongering about the so-called variant and its promotion of the “necessity ” of vaccination. In a nutshell: according to the gov’s stats, the delta variant is  more likely to kill the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

There is of course much more, in summary:

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with UK Column News of 18th June 2021.

00:22 – Scary Delta Variants And Apparently Dangerous Vaccines
10:05 – Health Service Apartheid
19:57 – Why Have Four Airline Pilots Died Recently And Why Are Vaccine Now Only Safe for “Most People?”
30:18 – Jimmy Dore Speaks Out On Vaccine Injury
33:57 – US regulator Postpones Investigating Heart Problems Among Young People
36:13 – Targeting Children For Vaccines With Insane Marketing
39:59 – Holidays For The Vaccinated Amid Draconian Crackdown In Ireland
51:36 – Dangers of Spike Proteins
54:06 – Spinning Natural Immunity As Vaccine Induced Immunity
56:34 – UK Column Announcements
57:58 – Fake Imperial College London Memorandum
01:03:00 – The Government Censorship Network
01:06:04 – The Eternal Lockdown
01:13:03 – Some Jabs Are More Equal Than Others
01:16:36 – GB News Fails Already

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