The picture that says it all


by Watchdog

The pic was taken at the G7 summit in Cornwall, England. It shows how the front men and front women for the  “Very Best People” of nationsMay be an image of 2 people, people sitting and outdoors such as the UK, US, Canada etc etc behaved when they gathered to discuss solving all the world’s problems that they themselves had largely created, using solutions that will inevitably inflict even more problems upon the world’s plebs, riffraff and hoipoloi.

The (hah!) “leaders” of nations came from all over the world in private gas-guzzling  jets, bringing with them their entourages of body guards, courtiers, sycophants, handlers, minders, advisers and, of course, the inevitable press corps.

They arrived without the  quarantine, social distancing, masks (apart, briefly, from the PM of Canada who at least made some effort to pretend) that their various edicts and diktats have enforced on the rest of us. Then continued in the same vein.

The picture featured here says it all.

All smiles, not a care in the world and evidently not giving a damn about what the rest of us might think of their sorry spectacle as they flaunt without shame or embarrassment their disregard for the very rules they have laid down rest of us.

It is also proof, if any were still needed, that our herdsmen do not believe a word of their own Covid propaganda.

If they did, if they thought for one moment there was a killer virus on the loose, even remotely as infectious and deadly as their tame media propaganda outlets have tried to convince us and against which masks, distancing and quarantines were our “only way out” do you think these cowards would be so cavalier about their own safety?

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The picture that says it all


One Response to “The picture that says it all”

  1. Mick says:

    These are the very kind of people who, had there been a real pandemic, would not go anywhere near another person, even now.

    This careless refusal to not wear a mask is because the deception is too tiring for them to maintain – and they have no empathy with how we feel after more than a year of it – but it’s also the kind of carelessness that gets people convicted.