Eriksen vaccine denial by Inter Milan in main media not very convincing

Inter Milan director Giuseppe Marotta …… said neither was he vaccinated before the start of Euro 2020.

Eriksen, 29, was hospitalised after collapsing in Denmark’s match against Finland in Copenhagen on Saturday.

TAP.  The Eriksen vaccine denial is hitting news everywhere.  That’s OK but why the reticence about the subject other than Eriksen?  Was the Denmark team not vaccinated total?  Or just Eriksen?

If the Denmark team was not vaccinated, were they the only team in the Euros not to be vaccinated, as so many others publicised that they were –  France, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Italy went public about it.

If Eriksen was not vaccinated, why did the team doctor state that he had been vaccinated twelve days previously?  Why should an Italian media stooge be believed on the subject in preference to the Denmark team doctor?

As for pictures emerging of Eriksen in conscious state at the ground, there were none taken on the day.

Christian Eriksen. Why did he collapse?