COVID VAX: American Airlines is so short pilots due to the vax that they are cutting flights.

First, British airways announced pilot deaths and refused to admit it was the vax. Then India airways announced pilot deaths and did the same. Now American airlines skipped mentioning pilot deaths, and cut straight to canceling flights. FACT: if a passenger cannot fly after the vax, how can a pilot? NO BRAINER THERE.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    from English Democrats Daily Update –
    Pilot details how he nearly blacked out whilst flying and is no longer fit to fly due to adverse reaction to the Covid Vaccine
    Rumours are circulating that the Covid-19 vaccines are to blame for the recent deaths of four British Airways pilots within days of each other. A rumour based on the fact pilots are subjected to strict medical tests annually in order to be passed as fit to fly, meaning the death of a single pilot due…

    BA have admitted the five pilot deaths subsequent to vaccination. Pilots have a medical every year and are therefore likely to be amongst the fittest group of people. What is the probability that five of them will die within such a short space of time. How many times has this haappened before?

    On the other hand we have an actual report by a pilot: “According to the submitted VAERS report the pilot received the Pfizer jab on the 1st February 2021 and says he noticed a headache in the very top of his head within an hour of having the jab. . . .

    “Two days after having the jab the pilot flew his plane and says he immediately noticed something was wrong with him.

    “I was having a very hard time focusing. Approximately 2 hours into the flight I felt sudden and extreme pressure in my head and nearly blacked out. I immediately landed and stopped flying.”

    • Aldous says:

      It’s absolute madness isn’t it Tap?
      What pilot in his right mind would have the experimental jab in the first place and what responsible airline would allow their pilots or cabin crew (not forgetting Air traffic Controllers) to have it either?
      Perfectly healthy people turned into permanently damaged (or dead) zombie goods for a so-called ‘virus'(sic) that most people don’t even know they have – because they haven’t – and has a survival rate anyway of 99.9+%!
      The World’s gone crazy beyond belief and I’ll be kind of glad to get off it if it stays like this much longer – which it looks like.
      For crying out loud, what are otherwise (supposedly) intelligent pilots thinking?

      Is this predictive programming at work?

      “He’s coming right at us!” – Airplane (0:07)

  2. Aldous says:

    Sorry Tap but couldn’t resist this one to try to cheer you and Tap readers up a bit in these dystopian Orwellian times. It’s another short clip from the late Lloyd Bridges in Hot Shots (remember him in Sea Hunt in the 50s?) where he admits to never having actually landed a plane. (1:07)

    I think we’re going to see a lot more aeroplane accidents the way things seem to be going. ALL public transport is likely to be affected by it.
    I have to say that I won’t be getting on any aeroplane any time soon if at all.
    No reason to be on one to be honest but if I had one, I would find some other means of getting from A to B or forget about travelling at all.

    • Tapestry says:

      Brilliant Aldous. Planes are on auto pilot 90% of the time these days. They even land on auto pilot so no problem with having all the pilots asleep and unconscious.

      • joseph2021 says:

        Or ask the CIA to take over the controls of commercial passenger planes as they have done so in past.

  3. joseph2021 says: