21st Century Eu*genics

Eu*genics is circling the globe like a pack of wolves taking down its prey

Headlines speak for themselves and there are many more.





Do your own research

I was perplexed by doctors projecting fear of transmission between people who had the jab and those who decline the jab. Q&A hosted by Dr. David Martin and Dr. Judy Mikovits clarified the following;

15:45 mins Q: If a blood donor had the jab will it cause harm to those who receive their blood, and did not get the jab?

Dr. Judy Mikovits:  https://www.cerus.com technology can decontaminate, inactivate Ebola, HIV, HTLV-X, MRV, RNA viruses every one of them. We don’t know about the synthetic nanoparticle. Regardless of whether you got the jab or not there are lots of solutions.

Dr. David Martin: The long term effects of all this intervention are actually woefully lacking in terms of their understanding because somewhere around Jan 20, on a phone call between a Moderna person and a Vaccine Research Center [VRC] person, the actual sequence that goes into both the Moderna and Pfizer Biontech, what they call a vaccine, it’s a gene therapy, the thing that was transferred has never been disclosed.

It was not sampled from a biological product. What we do know is that it is a synthetic chimeric alteration.

Synthetic = made from.
Chimeric = scary word because chimeras are scary.
What we do not know because it has not been disclosed, and will not be disclosed, because it is copyrighted.

We do not know the sequence that was actually transferred between VRC and what went to Moderna and ultimately went to Pfizer Biontech, and because of that as much as we know about the fact it was an amplification of the spike protein in a form, we don’t know the actual ingredient. For that reason it will take some time to answer the question correctly. We will not have an answer until we can reverse engineer what’s in the injections, and the problem with that is they are not uniform.

34:47 mins Q: Live-in care giver asks if there is anything to worry about around people who had the jab?

Judy MikovitsYou don’t have to worry about anythingWe have God given immune systems.

David Martin: Agreed 100%. When we get into the space of fear and worry, all we do is harm ourselves. Step into the fact this is okay, this is happening and remember WE ALL CAME HERE FOR THIS! We are equipped for this. We need to encourage each other. Instead of worry ‘just turn it off!’

Video transcript of the eugenics program and more to be published separately.


What matters most is that each of us looks at the possibility that many of our beliefs limit us. Freedom requires an open mind, making necessary changes in our beliefs and attitude to self realize and self empower, and share the truth so others get the same opportunity. Doreen

Globalists use science to weaponize nature, and at its core it has always been a eugenics system

If you wonder why the magnetic experiment you’re going to hear about from Dr. Carrie is so damn interesting, it’s NOT because of DNA, it’s NOT because of RNA, it’s because they are putting an antenna into your body to screw up the transmissions of all the wisdom of the cosmos so you are detached from being human.

Please find time to watch the video ‘How did we get here?’ in the link below.

52:00 mins The recipe for how evil manifests on this planet.

Keep an open mind and heart

Each of us is asked to do our own research to know the truth and share with others. Doing nothing and sitting on a fence are no longer options if we are to preserve our humanity, live healthy and free.

Please inform others. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino