Deaths at Home Rise by a Third as Patients Avoid Hospital

There were more deaths (from all causes) in homes in each month of 2020 than in a normal year, according to new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as treatment waiting lists and the “protect the NHS” drive kept patients away from hospitals. The Times has the story.

A total of 166,576 deaths in private homes from all causes were registered in 2020, compared with an average of 125,255 between 2015 and 2019, according to the ONS.

This means there were 41,321 extra deaths, or “excess deaths”, in private homes during the year, although Covid was responsible for 8% of the total.

The majority of deaths in 2020 where coronavirus was the main cause occurred in hospitals and care homes. In contrast, many deaths from other causes, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, happened in private homes, to people who in a non-pandemic year would probably have died elsewhere, such as in hospital.

The figures show that deaths from diabetes in private homes were 60% higher in 2020 compared with the average for 2015-19, while those from heart disease and Parkinson’s disease were both up 66%.

For dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, deaths were up 65%, with increases of 44% and 37% for prostate cancer and breast cancer respectively…

The rise in deaths in private homes comes amid concern that during the pandemic people have not been receiving the medical attention for serious illnesses they would have in normal circumstances. In the early stages of the pandemic GPs and hospitals reported a drop in the number of patients and urged people to contact their doctor if they had a health issue.

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9 Responses to “Deaths at Home Rise by a Third as Patients Avoid Hospital”

  1. Occams says:

    Myself included. Can’t go get a cardioversion (A-fib) as the DEMAND (illegal) a swab test. No admittance without it, yet according to ‘ObamaCare’, this is a medical procedure and cannot be done without my consent, but they are BARRING ME MEDICAL TREATMENT because I won’t take their ‘nasal-injection’:

    Second, I am unconscious for about 2 minutes……what will they do to me? Swab me? Inject me?

    ‘Yer’ fooked’

    The medical industry is now guilty of collusion, conspiracy, and murder.

    Me thinks it’s time for a new motto and caduceus, eh? Maybe a Freemason’s compass and the ends can be changed to 2 syringes?

    • Tapestry says:

      I see people posting themselves on facebook with an NHS rainbow announcing their vaccination with great pride. I can’t help visualising one posted by a skeleton, but lack the graphics skills to actually produce one! It would make a good post don’t you think! People tell you they are going to be vaccinated, or have just been. Why do they all talk about this one? No one ever mentioned they were being jabbed to anyone previously. They sound as if they’ve arrived at some higher level of being and want to tell the world how proud they are. The propaganda is that powerful. Murder was never so sweetly done.

      • Occams says:

        “You don’t have to kill people if you can teach them to kill themselves” ~ David Icke

        Sometimes I sit here and really don’t know what to write, but as an older ex-Spec Ops guy finally got me turned around, YOU CAN’T SAVE PEOPLE FROM THEMSELVES.

        So I now very much encourage people to get this – even my family (which were like what you describe, anyway), but it is these exact people that put us here, so we need them gone, for IF we survive this, perhaps the smarter people will be more a force rather than ‘overruled’ by the stupid, weak, and gullible.

        And I could make that meme for you. Wish we had a format here to add such – and to edit or correct.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The massive tragedy doesn’t touch you Occams. Many home deaths are suicides.

    • Occams says:

      Oh, I know. But 16 months ago I began warning people this was coming. 2 months later, I learned from a Special Forces ‘vet it was to be a virus scare.

      Did anyone listen? I was mocked, laughed at, and ridiculed.

      I tried. More than 99.9% on the planet did BEFORE they even KNEW it was coming, but I cut my losses and stopped trying to save people from themselves who got mad at me for it.

      Oh yea…..and my ‘conspiracy theories’.

      By the way?

      It makes my blood boil – but unless I go to war BY MYSELF, the rest of Betamerika will hide behind their masks.

    • ian says:

      I have just had a discussion with my nephew. He contacted me in a desperate state. A nice man but he can see things for what they are. He contacted me, as he can relate to me, no pun intended. He feels outside and not normal. I told him that it isn’t easy, but reassured him that he is not alone. It isn’t easy at all.

      • Occams says:

        I think Tapestry thinks I don’t care at all. I can assure you, I AM in the boat.

        Very early on in this mess, I went into a-fib. The hospital would NOT convert me in the ER (no ‘test’ was required to get in), and FORCED ME to go out-patient.

        But I had to have the test.

        I debated – but almost nothing was known at THAT time (late Feb ’21), so after 2 weeks or so, I did it.

        Well, as a camu-powder user since 2010, I’ve been flu-free, I NEVER ‘vaxx’, and haven’t had a cold in, now, 4 years.

        So I tested Negative. I’m sure (now) they probably went Max Cycles on me.

        Nope. Negative. My liaison was rather surprised, now that we ‘know’ what they were/are doing with their gross misuse of the PCR (phuck you, hospital)

        So I went in. Got all hooked up. I am unconscious for “less than 2 minutes”.

        BTW: I’ve had probably 12-13 conversions, so I well KNOW the routine.

        My lead nurse that day and I are talking, alone. She closes the door. Tells me “if I am overheard, I’ll be fired”

        “There is NO ONE in the hospital. Just you. They called me AFTER 3 MONTHS OF STAYING HOME and asked if I wanted to work. ‘Oh, hell, yes’. I came in JUST for you.”

        She said everything I was saying was confirming “my husband-cop isn’t crazy”.

        So everyone piles into my room. I’m 100% hooked up. Heart monitor running 120-180 bpm.

        I wake up – and EVERYTHING is off me.

        This process takes 5-10 minutes – but I am cleaned off???

        “Odd”, I think……

        I go home to discover I am STILL in a-fib.

        I contact them.

        ‘We’re ‘booked up’ until next week, but you’ll have to test again before coming in’.

        ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….the lightbulb goes off! NOW I get it!

        The did NOT convert me. That’s why they unhooked the monitor so quickly. THEY WANTED ME TO COME BACK AFTER ANOTHER TEST!

        $$$$$$$$$$$$. Hoping for a positive.

        Which, by the way – they probably WOULD have gotten, since 3-4 days later, I started to feel like I was ‘coming down with something’.


        Powered the camu, zinc, D3, lemon/ginger tea, super-hot bath…..

        100% fine in the morning (phuck you, hospital. TRIED to make me sick with the swab – I’m now 100% sure).

        I have since discovered that under ObamaCare, the test IS a medical procedure that I can refuse.

        Guess what?

        “We don’t care if it’s illegal or not. You WILL take the test or you WON’T be allowed in!” (cardio-wing nurse liaison, Scripps-Sulpezio Cardiac Center).

        So NOW:

        I cannot go in. Debilitating a-fid for 1 year now. I cannot go in BECAUSE:

        1. They will not allow me in without a test – and there’s no way in hell THAT is gonna’ happen.

        2. I am UNCONSCIOUS for….how many minutes? Will they swab me? WILL THEY INJECT ME? These people can no longer be trusted – at all.

        3. They claim many staff are now ‘vaxxed’. I DO NOT WANT TO BE POSSIBLY CONTAMINATED. This is documented REAL.

        4. I am NOT allowed a licensed medical professional to ‘view’ the procedure to make sure I am neither swabbed nor vaxxed. AND get converted. AND that the monitor stays hooked up

        So “it doesn’t touch me”, Tapestry?

        Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeaaaaaaaa. BIG PHUCKING TIME.

        But here’s the difference A doctor ruined my heart mixing two meds in 2011.

        But I didn’t ‘lock down’ or ‘mask’ (or mask 2 year olds!!) or Social Distance’ or lock myself away or lock kids inside the house because I was a frightened little Beta male who’s wife is stronger than me or lock grandma in a ‘home’ and keep her there for her safety until she simply ‘gave up’.

        THESE PEOPLE PUT US IN THIS MESS – so if these people go? Or go from the vaxx?

        Well, my dad ALWAYS told me;

        “Stupidity is its own reward”


        And I agree with UK’s Chris Spivey; ‘If you had just ruined [your] world, fine, but you ruined mine, ya’ stupid cunts, and THAT pisses me off”.

  3. ian says:

    A really powerful comment Occams. Part of me wants to say, forgive them for they know not what they do, but 90% of me agrees with you and Chris Spivey.

    • Occams says:

      I am NOT devoid of humanity, and there are many seniors and kids caught in this nightmare, but by teens, [you] should be able to stand back and start searching info for yourself. Hell, I was talking with a 12 year old Jewish girl I teach and she looked up at me and said;

      “Did you see where we killed General Soleimani? That wasn’t smart.”


      I could ask 20 people in my town, 20 to 70, and AT BEST – I doubt I’d get anything but;

      “Oh. Isn’t that the terrorist Trump killed?”

      So the info IS out there. It’s not a Secret Sect that has The Knowledge, but yes, sheepy little beta males all running around frightened to death, masking their tiny kids, isolating grandma to die of a broken heart and loneliness?

      Yea. My blood BOILS. The rest can go fvk themselves and die. They ruined OUR world. Why do we ‘get it’, yet the other 98% are too afraid to even LOOK to see if it’s true, but simply accept?

      PS: *Late February 2020* – like 1 to 2 months into this.