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CPS Admits That “All Offences Charged Under the Coronavirus Act Were Incorrectly Charged”

A Freedom of Information request has confirmed that zero prosecutions have been made successfully under the Coronavirus Act. The request asked: “Since its inception – how many prosecutions have been made successfully under Coronavirus Act?” The response, given on Monday by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), reads as follows:

Since the CPS started its review on finalised cases charged under the Coronavirus Act 2020 (the Act) in April 2020 and up until February 2021, we found that all offences charged under the Act were incorrectly charged, and therefore discontinued because there was insufficient evidence to prove the offences under the Act. There were no cases where a suspect was convicted under the Act as of February 2021.

In April, the Independent reported on the “embarrassment” caused to the justice system by incorrect prosecutions made under the Coronavirus Act and the Health Protection Regulations.

Every one of the 232 prosecutions brought under the Coronavirus Act was incorrect, with its misuse described as an “embarrassment” to the justice system. [The figure will, of course, have gotten much higher.]

A further 127 wrongful charges were brought under the Health Protection Regulations, which were created to enforce the first nationwide lockdown in March 2020 and have been changed numerous times for different restrictions.

They represent around 12% of prosecutions under the law, which is more commonly enforced by police using fines…

The Liberty human rights group called for the Government to support people to follow health guidance rather than having a “relentless focus on enforcement”…

[Director Gracie Bradley said:] “It’s… impossible to know how many unlawful fines have already been paid by people too afraid to challenge them – the Government must urgently introduce a right to appeal fines. Frequent and high-profile instances of arbitrary and wrongful enforcement have fanned the flames of mistrust.” 

The CPS figures only cover finalised cases in England and Wales, and more prosecutions are currently progressing through the courts.

Reports issued by parliament’s Home Affairs Committee and Joint Committee on Human Rights had called for mistakes by police to stop in April, warning of the potential for miscarriages of justice and punishment “without any legal basis”.

MPs said that some police officers appeared to be enforcing Government guidance rather than the law, and that differences between the two were causing confusion among the public and law enforcement…

The vast majority of wrongful prosecutions were brought by police and withdrawn by the CPS before people were convicted, but 56 cases had to be returned to court to be quashed.

They include a woman who was fined £660 for a crime she had not committed, five days after the Coronavirus Act became law last March.

It gives police the power to direct “potentially infectious persons” to a place suitable for screening and assessment, and take them by force if they refuse.

The law makes it a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to £1,000 to refuse a direction, escape or provide false information.

Isn’t it about time the Act was repealed?

The Independent report is worth reading in full.


11 Responses to “CPS Admits That “All Offences Charged Under the Coronavirus Act Were Incorrectly Charged””

  1. paullewis says:

    so all the pubs shut for nothing

  2. Aldous says:

    What’s occurring is an outrage where heads should roll – and I’m not speaking figuratively.
    I’ve just come off a lengthy call from a European colleague who (amongst other things) advised me of an ‘incident’ (of sorts) at some mask-fascist national supermarket outfit called Mark Spencer. Never heard of it.

    The person concerned, making a simple purchase – and wearing a face covering – was asked to adjust it so that it covered the nose! Unbelievable!
    The person at the register (till in UK?) was apologetic and said it was a directive from Head Office to challenge those not wearing a face covering correctly.
    This sort of nonsense is NOT the remit of untrained staff in this sort of thing and someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed. Is that the intention?


    BOYCOTT these mask-fascist outfits!

    • Tapestry says:

      Ask Masks & Spencers if they are aware of the medical risks of wearing masks to all wearers. There was a case in the UK High Court this week in which it went unchallenged by the judge that mask-wearing carries serious health risks for the wearer. If Masks & Spencers will not take responsibility for informing people of these risks, they cannot proceed to the next stage of imposing this non-pharmaceutical medical intervention. They can only ask people to wear masks. No wonder their sales are down 50% on 2019.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Tap. I’ve since received a correction to my ‘Mark Spencer'(sic) mistake as a result of a poor video feed. It is also known as ‘Marks and Sparks’? The mind boggles.
        The young person on the register also commented that having to wear a mask for 8+ hours a day was doing their head in and having a very detrimental effect on them, both physically and mentally it seems.
        I will pass the Robin Tilbrook info onto them. Thank you.

  3. Aldous says:

    Update following a similar incident at the same outfit:
    Apparently this UK supermarket chain doesn’t accept a simple ‘I’m exempt’ but insists that an an exempt badge is worn!
    Totally illegal to discriminate in such a way of course – as is insisting of proof of medical exemption.

    • Tapestry says:

      Ask for medical information as to the risks of wearing a mask – which is classified as a non-pharmaceutical medical intervention. If the organisation is unaware of these risks, they have no business asking customers to wear masks, let alone demanding that they do. If they try enforcement through threat of not serving, contact Robin Tilbrook and sue them – probably for a worthwhile pay-off.

  4. Aldous says:

    HIT them where it hurts them most – and it’s NOT a kick in the nether regions.

    Woka-Cola pauses its racist, bigoted, anti-White indoctrination plans after intense backlash from the public


    I wouldn’t drink cola horse-piss if I was dying of thirst. Ugh.

  5. Aldous says:

    Update 2: It seems that Masks and Spencer are virtually impossible to contact via email. I wonder why?
    It seems to me that Masks and Spencer has simply been around for far too long in the olde worlde high street retail order of things and wants ‘out’ in the Great Reset. Nothing else makes much sense.

  6. Aldous says:

    Apparently Mask and Spence (M&S?) isn’t the only retail UK outfit to subject its staff and customers to illegal oxygen deprivation – damaging EVERY organ in the body – and forced Carbon Dioxide inhalation – contrary to numerous legal statutes forbidding the level of oxygen intake in a workplace to fall below 19%. The usual level for someone wearing a face diaper is 17% or under.
    The Coop(?) supermarket chain seems to pride itself on torturing its staff with such heinous measures.

    • Tapestry says:

      I find the Coop to be fine locally. No one asked me anything in any branch that I have visited recently. The private businesses are the most afraid of the threat from government agencies and at least put up token resistance from time to time. Big organisations know it’s all a con and put up a notice or two here and there, but are a pushover face to face as far as I can see. Mask and Spencer is notorious for getting everything wrong including its business model. Time to join the dodos indeed. They were impossible to penetrate communication-wise fifty years ago – I went on a business management course with them as a student. Nothing has changed. In fact it’s just got worse. Mask Dispenser can dispose of itself any time as far as I am concerned. No loss to the world.