AstraZeneca COVID-19 jab gives human body the ability to signal for Bluetooth connection

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | May 23, 2021: A user on Tiktok, al_janabi, posted a video claiming that after getting his COVID-19 jab with the AstraZeneca vaccine, his body started signaling ‘Bluetooth’ connection messages. But the politifact website, its funding arm, Truth Squad, received donations from Bill Gates and many others, says that the side effect being reported by the user is not proof that the AstraZeneca jab implanted Nano-particles-chip-signaling into the body.


AstraZeneca jab implanted Nano-particles-chip-signaling ability to search for Bluetooth connection. Note, YouTube regularly deletes videos that goes against their guidelines.


One Response to “AstraZeneca COVID-19 jab gives human body the ability to signal for Bluetooth connection”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Is this to news-shield the magnetic effects story by putting out something else for the mainstream to poopoo. The magnetic effects are real enough. These indicate that approximately 60% of the shots are saline and are not loaded. After one vaccine, you have a 60% chance of survival without effects. If you had no effects from the first, you may have had a placebo or a saline. If you then have another shot you have another 60% chance of no adverse effects. But obviously the more shots you have, the greater the odds your luck won’t hold. This is information that the ‘pandemic’ depopulationists will not want out to get out there. They would then put out similar stories which may be true but are less likely to be true, as a cover for the real fact that 60% of vaccines are saline. If 100% were loaded, the adverse effects would be total and people would quickly cotton on.

    There is the possibility the ‘health’ managers can carefully select who gets the loaded shots, with younger people less likely to be given one, and older people certain to get one, and so too people with other health conditions which can be blamed for any decline in health.