8 Responses to “How to spread the Vaccine Agenda.”

  1. paullewis says:

    Highlight popular “normal life” activities that
    young people can engage in again once
    vaccinated – socialising, sports and exercise,
    work, lectures, events, etc.
    Focus on “we’re in
    this together” –
    young people feel
    unfairly treated by
    “The more young people vaccinated, the safer it
    will be and the less likely will be future
    “If you want to be able to do what you want, then
    having the vaccine is the fastest and safest way
    to achieving this.”
    Digital media (internet,
    email, social media, apps,
    Face-to-face and
    Outdoor media in clubs,
    schools, universities
    INCENTIVES: our responses to incentives
    are shaped by predictable mental shortcuts
    such as strongly avoiding losses, desire for
    immediate gratification, comparison to a
    reference point, and overestimating small

  2. paullewis says:

    “I’ve had enough of someone else’s propaganda… I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”

    ― Malcolm X

  3. ian says:

    IF, there was a real deadly threat, would people need coerced?
    IF, there was a real deadly threat, would people need lied to?
    IF, there was a real deadly threat, would people need threatened and intimidated to go along with the plan?
    Well folks, there is a real deadly threat, BUT, it’s from system that is unleashing this agenda. I say system, as it involves the fake politicians, the fake print media, and very importantly, the TV, all working in lockstep with the self appointed elite, the Royals, the Rockefellas, the Rothschilds, and, all their arse licking, supremacist cronies.

  4. Derek says:

    One word brings all this together:

    ‘Mindspace’. May be still available as a pdf from Gov.co.uk.

    The cabinet document signed off by Gus O’Donnell and Michael Bichard and authored by Paul Dolan (LSE), Michael Hallsworth (Institute for Gov.), David Halpern (Inst. Gov.),Dominic King (Imp. Coll.) Ivo Vlaev (Imp. Coll.)

    Mindspace – Influencing behaviour through public policy.

    Psy-op. The tool? The NHS.

  5. danceaway says:

    Yes, Derek, Brian Gerrish at UKColumn frequently refers to the Mindspace document and recommends that we read it.The audacity of it is mind-blowing.These people have absolutely no shame; their arrogance knows no bounds. They have no regard for mankind whatsoever and simply cannot wait for their plans for us to come to fruition. They also don’t realise that they are simply order followers since their egos have become so inflated by power. They may have a rude awakening one day. Let us hope we do not have too much longer to wait. In their excitement to push things along it may all backfire.

  6. Tapestry says:

    I swallowed the red pill and clicked the link Derek. I read about a quarter of it and got the gist. The whole thing is based on a mechanistic, shallow understanding of the human spirit. Given that they have no idea how the mind works on the inside, merely how behaviour manifests as an average on the outside, they will fail. The arrogance of their belief in their own brilliance is mind-blowing, as is their belief in the weakness of the human will. Yes they can con 90% of the population with COVID and drive most uninformed and fearful people to annihilate themselves on their medical weaponry, but they don’t understand how people innovate and think out new ways of thinking, being and doing. In fact they sound completely at a loss in understanding the true nature of humanity, and are left with their superficial herding strategies, which can only work by deception, and so will deliver a diminishing return as trust is burned. A bit like training a sheepdog to herd sheep, they know it works for most of the flock, but they aren’t even close to understanding the entrepreneur, the maverick, the artist or people who get their ideas from ESP, intuition and even ADC.

  7. Alan Vaughn says:

    “These people have absolutely no shame; their arrogance knows no bounds. They have no regard for mankind whatsoever and simply cannot wait for their plans for us to come to fruition.”

    And they will come to fruition because the vast majority of our fellow citizens: yeah, those ones: that huge army of collaborating, obedient masked zombies, aren’t interested in knowing the truth about the non-existent ‘deadly pandemic’ and what’s happening, because the TV (i.e. BBC, Sky News), told them they will be safe, as long as they do everything they’re told. (You must obey us and you must clap for the NHS every Thursday and you must always watch and ENJOY their brilliant Tiktok videos, they all worked so hard to create, while real patients were dying of real injuries or real sickness).
    Instead of opening their eyes and minds and, allowing themselves to breath freely, by not reducing their blood oxygen saturation by wearing a slave muzzle (or 2 or 3), over their mouths and noses, so they can THINK clearly; they’re all fighting each other in the long queues for who will get the Covid-19 genocide vaccine jab first.

    Go for it you fools… HURRY! While stocks last!
    DEMAND double, even triple doses of Kill Gates’s wonderful life destroying saving ‘vaccine’.
    Sh*t-for-brains morons: They made their beds, hopefully their (mostly dead or crippled) bodies will be laying in them soon.
    Maybe, just maybe by then (although not likely), they’ll finally wake up and listen, albeit far too late…