How Johnson and His Media Mates Created a Zombie Nation


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The perception of the present government of the nation being in the hands of a gang of subversive lunatics is widespread and by no means confined, as the globalist propagandists would like you to believe, to a “conspiracy theorist” fringe.

It extends across the class and ideological spectrum and includes even such core Conservative bastions as The Conservative Woman, which has been both outspoken and eloquent in its fightback against what it sees as the infiltration and hijack of its Party by globalist extremists.

This is becoming a serious threat to the survival of Johnson and his cadre of psychological warfare operatives. The swiftly growing resistance to their covert attack on the country is springing up everywhere, including its own back yard.


How Johnson and his media mates created a zombie nation

THE Covid virus is no longer a credible threat to the population of the United Kingdom. Hospitals are no longer under pressure. Mortality rates are stable. The emergency is plainly over.

Yet here we are, chained for a further six months by a government who dismiss our capacity for individual responsibility in favour of police state control.

Few in the media system seem willing (or able) to wave the banner for our liberty in opposition. Uncritical reporting on the extension of the Coronavirus Act, which is anathema to our values, underlines how wretchedly detached the media class are from truth. Do they not comprehend what it means that they won’t challenge the indefensible position Johnson’s men have taken against the people?

An ever-consuming Covid narrative has done much to spread fear but little to inform. The context of the virus’s severity, its potential to harm – virtually zero for the vast majority of us patient Brits – never gets a mention.

Under diktat we’re living a passionless existence. Without the facts of the risk, we are under coercion to take a mostly unnecessary medical treatment. Growing threats of an ‘oppressive inevitable’, where normal social living will be conditional upon a jab and a green digital pass, lends to a sense of being under siege.

When the political and media classes colluded against the electorate to derail Brexit, the British people were having none of it. The ‘zombie parliament’ ground to a halt with schisms exposing the mendacity at play.

Johnson framed a ‘parliament against the people’ narrative which ultimately succeeded in a sweeping victory and the demolition of the ‘rotten’ house. But now the roles have reversed.

Parliament seems to have no problem agreeing on Covid legislation, whilst we have been led by Johnson into the impassable state of a zombie nation paralysed by conflicting schisms.

Some are rallied by post-Brexit vaccine-nationalism (‘see, aren’t the EU awful?’). Others are compliant with genuine fear demanding more state control (‘we demand Covid Zero for ever’). I believe many are stuck in an apathy too afraid to ask why we are still here (‘If I close my eyes it will go all away’). And of course, a seemingly smaller number of us are adamant on how wrong the approach is – deeply suspicious of the motives of the men in sharp suits.

This is akin to a slick marketing campaign. Johnson’s men are selling a product: ‘the vaccine’. And like good salesmen they have us cornered until we all take it.

With talk of vaccinating children in August one wonders whether the September return to school will become conditional on an autumn programme of school jabs. They have done it with masks after all.

It is easy to feel demoralised right now. My sense, however, is that amidst this tyranny many ordinary Brits are quietly starting to rebel. We value freedom. And bodily autonomy remains the ultimate sovereignty.

It’s not acceptable for Oxbridge-educated MPs and their journalist mates to play sport with ‘how it’s kind of acceptable’ to cross those lines.

With his volte-face from bringer of freedom, Johnson has turned Britain inside out. He’s transplanted the rotten chaos of a dead parliament on to the nation. And the media seem willing for him to get away with it.

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One Response to “How Johnson and His Media Mates Created a Zombie Nation”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yes, yes, yes, we KNOW! What’s anyone DOING about it though?
    A protest held ONCE a MONTH (or even less often), in SOME big cities in some countries, which the LYING media love to exploit and twist around to use as a weapon to scapegoat us with.
    I.e., film a sample of one tiny corner of such a protest (with at least 100,000 participants), then later the same day, broadcast it on TV and present it to the huge audience of dumbed-down masked zombies (who all HATE us) as something like this:

    And, today in London: a small group of deranged, criminally insane conspiracy theorists, who delight in spreading a DEADLY disease guaranteed fatal to anyone it infects, who should all be locked up for life; were arrested and charged under the coronavirus act 2020, for spreading false or misleading information about the RAPIDLY spreading, DEADLY and potentially FATAL SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, blah, blah, yadda, yadda…

    Why do stories like this only inspire RAGE in me, rather than hope?
    Okay, maybe a few people are waking up, but its not enough. They must now stop cowering and f***ing well STAND UP!

    And, if Boris and his humanity loathing pals lost the next election, it wouldn’t make one iota of difference even if he were thrown out tomorrow.
    The next government would quite likely prove to be even bigger treasonous LIARS then them. We cannot trust ANY of them they really ARE ‘all in this together’. Yeah in it together, to subjugate, enslave and destroy US. WAKE UP!

    Forget governments and the law! The entire establishment HATES us and is STOMPING DOWN on us!
    We are now at the tipping point: FREEDOM v PERMANENT ENSLAVEMENT and TYRANNY.

    We MUST FIGHT BACK! RISE UP. Forget ‘peaceful’. It doesn’t work, that has already been proved throughout history. These treasonous coups always end in war, I cannot see how this one – the WORST and LARGEST EVER PERPETRATED, being any exception.