Government Titanic heading for iceberg


by Kieron McFadden

This meme was posted on FB this morning. As far as I can tell its data is accurate.

Notice it says that only 10% of reactions to vaccines are reported. This tells us there may well have been over FIVE MILLION cases of various degrees of  adverse reactions to the vaxes in the UK, including over 6000 strokes and 500 miscarriages. And possibly over 7000 deaths!

We may already be seeing within WEEKS more mild, moderate or serious illnesses from the vaccines than from more than a year  of COVID19, even if we take the grossly inflated COVID19 figures derived from the faulty PCR test and counting flu and pneumonia and so forth as Covid 19.

It is also conceivable that vax deaths might already have matched or exceeded COVID19 deaths, for it is known that the government figures for COVID19 deaths are grossly inflated and might, per this report, even be but 6% of the alleged total (around 7000).

This is conjecture on my part. It is hard to know what the exact numbers are, especially as the majority of those vaccinated thus far are elderly and it is understandably difficult to work out the degree to which age alone or age in combination with dodgy vaccines are causing serious illness and death. Add to this the unreliable figures, the various tricks and deceptions for massaging them and what appears to be a deliberately created chaos of data that is very hard for the citizen to penetrate and get a clear view of what is happening. One thing you know for sure is that where there are false reports, attempts to blind you with scientific gobbledygook and bewildering stats, someone is up to no good and working hard to hide it.

It is alarming that so soon in the proceedings so many serious illnesses are following vaccination, illnesses often much worse than Covid 19, which is mild for the majority of people and fatal only for very few, that most of us would suffer less if we caught Covi19 than copping a dose of the vaccine.

As Dr Shallenberger so aptly put it,

“Here’s my bottom line: I would much rather get a COVID infection than get a COVID vaccine.”

But if this is what is happening in the immediate term, what the hell is going to show up in terms of deaths and serious illness over the ensuing months and years?

One thing we can count on is that if the predictions of some experts are even half accurate we have a major problem.

At the same time the problem for the crew that have hijacked our government is going to be pretty grim because they have recklessly pushed these experimental biochemical agents on the populace on the basis of three horrendous lies.

The first is the lie of the existence of a fake emergency that rendered them “necessary”.

The second is the promise – which they are in no position to honestly give at this early stage of the trial period, if ever, – that they are safe.

The third is the lie that “vaccines are the only way out: of this emergency” – a blatantly false assertion propagandised heavily whilst not one but SEVERAL remedies for a very treatable malady were variously ignored, withheld or suppressed resulting in thousands of deaths that need not have happened.

Thus if deaths or illnesses following from vaccination are seen to be in any way significant – and the signs are that for most people catching the virus is less risky in the short and especially the long term than taking the jab – the government and its collaborators will stand exposed as the engineers thereof.

It is my guess that Boris and his crew are, given the way things are going, terrified of this happening especially as the puppet masters on whose strings they dance will if the going gets tough, readily throw them to the wolves and let them suffer the metaphorical lynching they deserve.

In enthusiastically collaborating with this hoax, this quisling crew were too dim to see they were always going to be the patsies and stooges who are going to take the fall if the caper unravels.

Expect then these people to twist and turn and lie and rig or doctor the stats in a desperate effort to cover up their crimes.

But they have now a powerful People’s Media and alliances of alert, honest people acting as watchdog resolved to ensure that there ARE consequences for crimes and that there IS such as thing as justice.

Johnson and Co have behaved throughout this crime spree as if they can do what they like and there are no consequences for their actions. no matter what lies they told, what freedoms they attacked or people they killed.

They are going to be very disappointed





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2 Responses to “Government Titanic heading for iceberg”

  1. Mr Dude says:

    It was crystal clear from day one of this farce that gormless no-marks Hancock, Williamson, Whitty et al were there to take the rap for this one day. Entirely expendable.

    Much like the two Royal Navy ships on their way to the Black Sea.

  2. Mr Dude says:

    I would bet my house that Hancock is a nonce and has a kompromat file on him like a phone book.