Here is proof the “covid test” is not as advertised, and actually swabs the cribriform plate: Woman leaks spinal fluid after PCR test punctures “membrane”

THAT headline is a lie!!! It is NOT a “membrane”. It is called the Cribriform Plate and it is a mixture of 50 percent bone and 50 percent nerves. It has your smell sensor in it. What happened here is people vary and everything works just fine as long as differences which would never be discovered absent messing with people are not discovered. I covered this before, in depth, here is a picture I posted months ago with regard to this test:


You NEVER EVER EVER, under ANY circumstance allow ANYONE to touch that, it is delicate and should NEVER be touched. It is my guess that this woman is not unique and serious consequences for many have gone unreported.

What happened in this case was this woman had a cribirform plate that was even thinner than usual, and they punched right through it because they lied about what they are actually swabbing.


The con job report on this says she’s leaking “spinal fluid”. That’s not what it is, it is cerebral/spinal fluid and it is coming directly from a puncture into her brain cavity. If they were honest about what they are really swabbing with these tests, this should be impossible!!!