End the fiasco, use justice, save lives


Every single prosecution under government’s Coronavirus Act has been overturned

Lockdowns cost lives!

by Kieron McFadden

SOURCE: WebWide News

24th Fed 2021

Apparently all of the 246 prosecutions launched to date under the insane so-called “coronavirus law” issued by the Covid Terror faction at Suppression Central have been done incorrectly, if the latest figures are to be believed

The Coronavirus Act was introduced in March last year by the subversive globalist front group that had slyly seized power in the UK under the cover of its Covid Terror operation that used a fake pandemic as a “justification:” for bringing an end to the final pretence of democratic governance.

It contains “emergency” powers common in any totalitarian state, such as the outlawing of any form of normal human gathering or socialising and enforced and heavy restrictions on travel, screening people using fraudulent tests, using illegal Do Not Resuscitate orders so as to instigate a population cull in nursing homes, the fraudulent marketing of dangerous and potentially deadly experimental biochemical agents presented as “vaccines” and so forth.

All this was part of the effort to bring down the country using lockdowns. These have since been thoroughly discredited as a means of saving lives or safeguarding health by the fact that all those countries that have not locked down have suffered far less illness and far fewer fatalities than the UK and all the other nations that did.

This has raised the contention in many quarters that, given the destruction inflicted on the nation by the Covid Terror faction under false pretences and fake science the correct target for criminal prosecutions and the implementation of justice would be those responsible rather than honest citizens trying to live their lives.

Be all that as it may, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) figures for January showed all 14 people accused of breaching the Act in that month had been wrongly charged. This means there have now been 246 incorrect prosecutions since it was introduced.

Leading human rights barrister Kirsty Brimelow cited this data as she contended that the Act should be repealed.

She told Parliament’s human rights committee:

“One hundred per cent of prosecutions under the Coronavirus Act to date have been wrong. That shows to me there is a very strong case to repeal that section, that has continually been used wrongly and unlawfully against members of the public.

“The statistics aren’t usual within a criminal justice context, to repeatedly see the law being unlawfully applied.

“What it does demonstrate is that the safeguards are not working within the criminal justice system, and it also demonstrates that where there are no safeguards which apply where fixed penalty notices are applied, where there is no lawyer overseeing them, it’s highly likely there are thousands of those [fines] that have been unlawfully issued.”

The Act gives public officials, such as police officers, the power to issue fixed penalty notices.

Following the release of January’s statistics, Gregor McGill, CPS director of legal services, said:

“We remain committed to reviewing all of these cases for as long as necessary to ensure the right people are charged with the right offences.”

We would go a lot further than that.

How about:

End this fake pandemic fiasco and its thinly veiled attack upon our nation right now.

End lockdowns right now.

Instigate policies that kill and harm fewer citizens.

Bring the perpetrators of this attack upon the nation, its health, morale, social life and economy and their venal, mealy-mouthed apologists, henchmen and collaborators to justice.

End the fiasco, use justice, save lives