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Vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine. I’m beggin’ of you – please don’t take the jab.

It takes a ton of money to be this cheap.

Dolly Parton invests in vaccine business.  Trouble is the vaccine’s killing old people –  and will kill many more people according to Professor Dolores Cahill – people of any age.

Dolly’s fan base will be thinning out a bit here.

Here are the lyrics and chords of the new version of Jolene for those who want to sing/play it.

Am          C               G              Am

Vaccine.  Vaccine.  Vaccine.  Vaccine.

G                     Em                               Am

I’m beggin of you please don’t get the jab.

Am           C              G              Am

Vaccine.  Vaccine.  Vaccine.  Vaccine.

G           Em                        Am

Please don’t take it just because you can.

Am                              C                       G                                          Am

Stupidity beyond compare.  Your thoughts are blank.  Your mind is bare.

G                            Em                       Am

You watch TV, ‘n never miss the fake news.

Am                                        C

You went to school.   You passed the tests.

G                                          Am

You learned to copy like all the rest

G                                     Em                     Am

But never stopped to wonder – is it true?

Vaccine.  Vaccine.  Vaccine.  Vaccine.

I’m beggin’ of you please don;t take the jab.

Am                         C                                     G                  Am

You’re waiting to inject yourself – with RNA that’ll wreck your health

G                          Em               Am

And end your life in misery and pain.

Am                       C

The COVID thing is mostly done.

G                      Am

The media create these cons

G                                Em                 Am

Your mind’s been taken over by their lies.

Am                                C

Please live your life.  Don’t play their games.

G                                   Am

To die so young.  It’s such a shame.

G                                                                  Am

The jab’s your deadly foe and not your friend.

Am          C               G               Am

Vaccine.  Vaccine.  Vaccine.  Vaccine.

G                                 Em                              Am

I’m begging of you please don’t take the jab.



Hackers alter stolen regulatory data to sow mistrust in COVID-19 vaccine |  Ars Technica



4 Responses to “Vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine. I’m beggin’ of you – please don’t take the jab.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Surely not Dolly. Does she not know? Or is she being paid a tidy sum? No picture of the vaccine? Says it was given to her by a friend. I wonder.

  2. ian says:

    I suspect a dummy syringe. Won’t she be one of them.? I would have though that without being in the club, her great success wouldn’t have been likely. Alternatively, she’s a dupe. Take your pick.

    • Tapestry says:

      Reading the news again, it says she funded the Moderna vaccine to the tune of $1 million.
      That would not be charity but business.
      She’s an investor, cut in on the deal, and promoting the vaccine to maximise her return.