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Who is Edwin Deagle? (obituary below)

The Deagle report is well known for it’s Population Predictions.

The Deagle Report predicts that the population of the U.S. will decline by 2/3rds by 2025.

Not only will the U.S. population decline, but the Deagle Report  forecasts that all of America’s allies have a population decline coming as well.


Edwin Deagle works for the Rockafeller Foundation, he also work for the Department Of Defense, need I say more?

Yes, there is more, lot’s more… Edwin Deagle Died Feb 16th 2021.

Here’s his last words to mankind.

Listen to Marfoogle as he uncovers who Edwin Deagle is and why these predictions are so alarming.


I found this obituary over at the website.

1937 – 2021
Dr. Edwin A. Deagle Jr. passed away on February 16th, 2021 in Tampa, Florida after an extended illness. Ed is survived by his sister Judy, son Ed and three grandchildren (Catherine, Connor, and Kendall). He was predeceased by his wife Judy and his younger son Michael.

Ed was born in 1937 in Boston, Massachusetts. As an “army brat” he traveled with his parents and lived in Yokohama, Japan for several years starting in 1949. Ed then returned to the United States and graduated from Norfolk High School. He received an appointment to the United States Military Academy and graduated 5th in his class in 1960.

His first tour after graduation was on the border between East and West Germany where his oldest son was born. Ed then returned to the United States to attend Harvard University for his master’s degree and his Ph.D. in economics. His second son, Michael, was born while Ed completed his graduate studies.

After completing his degrees, Ed then deployed to Vietnam in 1968 where he served in the 2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division as the Battalion XO. After Vietnam, Ed returned to West Point where he served as a political science instructor.


Ed resigned from the military in 1972 and left West Point after becoming disillusioned with the Army’s response to the My Lai massacre. During his career he received two silver stars, four bronze stars including a V device, and a purple heart. Ed also earned his Combat Infantryman Badge, Ranger Tab, and basic Parachutist Badge. Despite his eventual resignation, Ed still viewed his military career as the formative experience of his life.

After leaving the military, Ed joined the Urban Institute in Washington, DC and then helped establish the Congressional Budget Office. He served on the presidential transition team of Jimmy Carter in the fall of 1976 and then moved to New York to become deputy director of the international relations program at the Rockefeller Foundation. Ed often commented on how much he enjoyed his time at the Rockefeller Foundation.

He then joined Hughes Aircraft Company in southern California. Ed eventually joined Hughes Microelectronics Europa Ltd (HMEL), in Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland in 1990. Ed married Judy in 1991 at a beautiful Scottish castle at Bonnyrigg, near Edinburgh. Within a year he was reassigned to back to Hughes in southern California.

Ed was nominated to be Under Secretary of the Air Force in the Department of Defense but was instead appointed by William Perry as a special assistant. In 1997 Ed and Judy formed a strategic business consulting company where they continued to work until retiring to Colorado in 2005. After Judy’s death in 2017, Ed moved to Tampa, Florida to be closer to his oldest son.

Funeral services will be scheduled in the future at Arlington National Cemetery. Donations to the Task Force Dagger Foundation ( in lieu of flowers are appreciated. and their bizarre forecast that predicts a massive population die-off in the years ahead for America.

Ya OughtaLearn Graph Of Deagel 2025 Forecast For World Population

Percentage loss of current population figures below.

United States of America -78.17%



Greece -72.62% Switzerland -65.14%

Sweden -64.00%

Norway -61.66%

Iceland -61.66%

United Arab Emirates -59.78%



Luxembourg -54.63%

United Kingdom -49.35%

Australia -47.25%

Netherlands -45.90%

Spain -44.94%



Ireland -43.44%

Israel -42.58%

Qatar -39.12%

Portugal -36.74%

Bill Gates A conversation with Bill Gates: Population growth


Next are two short excerpts from a recently filmed TED presentation (Feb 2010) by none other than Bill Gates.

Global Warming dogma proponents argue that human CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced.

As Gates casually addresses the issue, he goes on to state that one way to accomplish this goal is to reduce the global human population.

Any Questions?

taleapad Bill Gates Vaccines are used for depopulation

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6 Responses to “Deagle’s Last Words | Everything We Know”

  1. ian says:

    He doesn’t mention Germany nor the population drops, as a percentage of population who survive to 2025, as here. UK 23% survival, Germany 35%, US 31%, Ireland 26%. These are the percentage of the people from these countries who they predict will still be alive in 2025. AS you see. Britain and Ireland take the biggest hit, followed by the US then Germany.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    “Edwin Deagle works for the Rockefeller Foundation, he also work for the Department Of Defense…”
    So why would we believe a word that he says?
    This strikes me as fearporn for the wide awake club. Talking of fearporn then I just saw this elsewhere:
    “I do not think this last year’s pandemic was caused by a virus, but by virus fear porn. You might say viruses do not exist, but fearporn does. Once the fearporn stops, the world begins again. I believed that last year and I still believe it.
    Everyone popularly has been infected with this fearporn, and of course the scariest form of this fear porn is the Hot Zone Mythical Viruses. OK Virology also exists and studies a lot of reproducible phenonium, and some like the Level 4 viruses which are not popularly reproducible. Virology is a complex field with an easy to demonstrate part and a possible fearporn part which cannot be demonstrated. We don’t even know where one part of virology ends and fearporn begins….”

    The Davos Great Reset madmen’s plan is to move capitalism into the virtual world and away from the physical. Each permanently connected individual will be a profit centre. They want everybody permanently connected to the matrix via nanotech and the like. That is why the children have been the primary targets of the covid psyop I think. They have suffered intense mental trauma for a whole 12 months and it is ongoing, it wont stop anytime soon I fear. They are the future profit centres and they need to get their minds right.
    So they don’t want to kill everybody, just the old folks who are too grounded, and experienced, to comply. That’s why the oldies are the secondary target, they will never get their minds right. Most of the covid deaths have been oldies and fear and disillusionment have surely played a massive part in that. Particularly in the care homes where residents were denied family contact for months at a time, maybe losing the will to live in their isolation

    • ian says:

      Possibly you are correct about Deagle talking rubbish. Time will tell. Britain is certainly being hit hardest with lockdowns and shit and no sign of vaccines being halted due to side affects.

      I understand their monetary plan pete, and agree with what you say about the kids being brainwashed. I was kind of forewarned about the mask zombie masses. After 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, and then Iraq, I was sent to Coventry where I worked then and avoided like the plague, for telling the truth. Even now, some I still see, don’t think that they were wrong, even though things were exactly as I said. TV controls them. I knew what to expect this time. I do however feel that Britain will be hit very hard, and if RFK jnr, Judy Mikovits, and Delores Cahill, are correct, we are in for a shit show of deaths from the vaccines. Time will tell.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks Ian, it could well be wishful thinking on my part, I hope not obviously. Yes, I too expect a severe toll her but I hope not as severe as Deagle predict….

        Certainly the Pfizer data is very very worrying, see this data analysis from Israel:
        These concluding comments are very scary and tend to support your view
        “We hope that this massacre will not include those below 13, as these have an increased adverse reaction rate, including death, to vaccines as shown by multi-decennial data from the VAERS reports in the USA.
        We summarise that the pandemic may be predicted for the coming weeks. The decrease in vaccinations and in vaccination age will cause a decrease in serious cases, mainly not because of the protection by the vaccine, but because fewer people will die from the vaccine and other adverse vaccine reactions.

        This will be temporary as in a few months we expect to face mid- and long-term adverse effects of the vaccination as ADE (Antibody-dependent Enhancement) and the vaccination-resistant mutants selected by the vaccines. But this should occur after the soon coming elections and the (survivor) voters won’t have another opportunity to express their disappointment at the voting poll.”

      • Paul Barbara says:

        Here is a post which backs up the idea many are goinf to die shortly:
        ‘Corporate Recruiter Warns: Energy Companies To Replace Vaccinated Employees Within 3 Years’: (Tap News Wire)

    • ian says:

      Thank you pete, whatever happens cant be good, only bad or worse. When a vaccine which is not necessary is practically forced on you, for a disease which you need tested for, to know you have it, then the vaccine is for another purpose, let’s all hope for the best. As an add on, my sister who I am very close to even telepathically, has been avoiding me, and I knew it was about the vaccine. I contacted her last night, and right enough, she hadn’t been in touch because she’d had the vaccine and was embarrassed about telling me. Peer pressure got to her.