Coronavirus & Coronavirus Vaccine Patents + RFID/cryptocurrency with body interface patent

PATENTS Related to Coronavirus & Coronavirus Vaccine


U.S. Patent 200657852 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome “Coronavirus”. Applied 4/9/2004, Approval Granted 11/16/06.  Application submitted by scientists working for Kyron but purchased by one of world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Glaxo Smith Kline

European Patent 3172319B1 Coronavirus VACCINE. Applied 7/23/15, Approval Granted 11/20/19. Owned by Pirbright Institute – Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation

European Patent 3172319A1 Coronavirus. Applied 5/31/17. Owned by Pirbright Institute – Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation.

PATENT – RFID – cryptocurrency with human body interface

European Patent WO2020060606 A1 Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data. Applied 6/20/19, Approval Granted 3/26/20.  Owned by Microsoft.


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  1. ihunt says:


    The British Crown and the C.I.A. teamed up treasonously via QinetiQ Group Plc controlled by the Monarch
    Lord Pirbright (Rothschild) and his banker cousins at N.M. Rothschild & Co. were godfathers of the 2nd Boer War concentration camps (1899-1902) to drive the French, Dutch and Germans out of South Africa
    New Evidence: Leading London Jews were running the first modern war concentration camps where over 60,000 whites and blacks died, including more than 14,000 mostly white children who were subjected to Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (now Wellcome Trust–Coronavirus funder and GlaxoSmithKline) vaccine experiments
    These Privy Council and Parliamentary records have been discovered after much difficulty and missing documents

  2. ihunt says:

    Matt Hancock with his Prime Minister getting his orders.

  3. ihunt says:

    UK Refuses to Suspend AstraZeneca COVID Shots as Other Nations Have – 95 New Deaths Recorded this Week in the UK Following AZ COVID Shots.

    The report covers data collected from December 9, 2020, through March 21, 2021, for the two experimental COVID vaccines currently in use in the U.K. from Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

    They report a total of 713 deaths and 495,345 injuries recorded following the experimental vaccines.

    That is an increase of 119 deaths and 90,820 injuries recorded since last week. 95 of the 119 recorded deaths this past week followed AstraZeneca COVID injections.

    More than 20 countries had suspended injections of the AstraZeneca experimental COVID shots due to concerns over fatal blood clots, but the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

  4. ihunt says:

    6000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths 1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020.

    41 Year Old Woman Suffers Unbearable Burning Red Rash On Body From AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine.

    If there was real pandemic you wouldn’t need to go for test to find out if you unwell.

    This is a Powerful Speech. Dr Ben Tapper discusses Covid19, comparing it to other diseases. Listen as he captivates the room with some Epic TRUTH bombs.

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