Cameron attempted to start nuclear war in 2015

Sakwa is a fellow at Chatham House and had interviewed Putin 13 times when I met him in August 2014. He was very pessimistic and was expecting a nuclear war. Soros had just called for war on Russia. After the Nemtsov killing and just before the attempted nuclear strike there was an attempt tor remove Putin, Thus it was intended to remove Putin just before the strike in order to hamper a Russian nuclear response. Putin disappeared for ten days.prior to the planned attack. Around 15th March. Capt Heather Cole used an obscure procedure drafted by the previous SecDef Chuck Hagel as a pretext for disobeying the order.

Hagel intended the procedure as a safeguard in case his successor was a madman, of which there are plenty in Washington. Note that right now Congress wants to prevent Biden from starting more wars. John Kerry (a Jew of course) is already calling for war on Russia. I found a report on a comms website to the effect that the Russians implemented a man in the middle attack in order to prevent Cameron’s missile launch order reaching the attack bunker in north London. Under a secret clause in the Trident agreement, the British PM is required to order the launch of the Trident missiles, if he gets the order from Washington. There are quite a lot of bits and pieces around the net corroborating the story.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found the Cameron story. It should be on one of my hard disks or computers. It is noteworthy that just after the Nemtsov killing, which was intended to enflame the Moscovites against Putin, Jacob Rothschild made an unusual public statement to the effect that the international situation hadn’t been so dangerous since 1945.

I would say that it is safe to assume that Rothschild and Soros were behind the attempted attack.


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