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2 Responses to “This US attorney Gregory Glaser claims to have filed a lawsuit in Federal Court proving vaccines are dangerous”

  1. ian says:

    Will it get anywhere?. Q, the draining the swamp, the army controlling the US government. It could all just be to dissuade anyone from thinking that they need to do anything. None of these lawsuits seem to get anywhere as the powers controlling the governments are above the law.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Exactly what I keep saying ian. Lawsuits are a waste of time and resources for the very reason you suggest.
      The solution to this abominable, global nightmare like dystopian world we now find ourselves living in, but which NOBODY chose to, lies entirely with us – the enslaved plebes: Either by mass non-compliance to ALL of their anti-humanity diktats, or, a small number of us wide awake folk, organize a ‘lynch mob’ and kill them before they kill us, which BTW, they’ve already started to do, but nobody, bar a handful of us seems to have noticed. (Hint: the humanity saving miracle ‘Covid vaccine’).
      So, we’d better do something and do it very soon.
      Make no mistake: this is a full-blown war and it’s being waged against us ordinary citizens by the selfish, humanity loathing treasonous and lying villains we trusted and voted for. Time is fast running out for ALL of us, so WAKE UP everyone and STAND UP! Not only for your God-given freedom and human rights, but for your very survival.