COVAIDS jabs are not what we are told. Nor are nasal swabs. SMART ‘dust’ arrives in the human body.

Don’t disregard this information.  Research nano-technology and how it is being used.

Viruses are not caught.  They are an expression of the body attempting to eject toxicity.  Aids was not a ‘virus’ which people caught from each other.  It was an antigen delivered in the Hepatitis B vaccine and later on added into the Smallpox vaccine.   Aids was a stealth war, which murdered 100 million Africans through an injected antigen.  Far more effective at killing than all the weapons used in WW1 and WW2.

COVID and the COVID vaccine are no different.  Like AIDS they are fake injected ‘pandemics’ capable of killing hundreds of millions of people.  The flu vaccine created the first wave COVID condition.  Doctors were able to cure it with anti-coagulants but they were largely prevented from doing so and were incentivised to use inappropriate ‘therapies’ like ventilators.  Now they push out the COVID ‘vaccine’ as the cure for the illness they injected into people first of all in the FLU ‘vaccine’.  COVID is not an infectious disease.  It is another injected disease.  Take that in.  Take off your mask.

The countries that were given AIDS by the million were then offered AZT to ‘cure’ the people.  It merely killed the patients, and cost their governments billions which they could never repay.  26 African countries were taken over by the World Bank signing over all their natural resources to pay for the non-existent cure for the deliberately injected disease.

The COVID ‘vaccine’ will likewise kill hundreds of millions of people and destroy economies.   Conventional warfare was never as lethal or profitable as medical stealth warfare.

50% of medical staff in America are refusing the ‘vaccine’.  Why not 100%?  The main media is powerful, and not all take the time to access videos like this one.

Please do.

Save your life.

Watch it now.

CNN etc give you clues, but the underlying truth will never appear on your TV.  Only in the alternative media can you work out what really is going on, and what you should do to protect yourself and your family.

Video sent in by Prometheus in comments.  Thanks P.






5 Responses to “COVAIDS jabs are not what we are told. Nor are nasal swabs. SMART ‘dust’ arrives in the human body.”

  1. ian says:

    Brilliant video Tap’. You beat me to it, Prometheus posted a link to it, but you put the video up before I got there. An excellent video.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for crediting Prometheus, Ian. It makes it a clear as day what is going on with COVID. Posting speed is hotting up with my PC being reworked recently!

  3. raymond says:

    Video not playing and no link/reference that I have noticed .
    Somebody please help .
    TAP – Link at foot of post. Thanks.

  4. Derek says:

    A comprehensive report. This should be shared far and wide.