Rich Person Booked All 446 Rooms at Alberta Canadian Lodge For 65 Days — SHTF Retreat?

Hal Turner Radio Show – Jan 29, 2021

Body Bags being rush delivered throughout the USA

The entirety of the well known Fairmont hotel at Jasper Park lodge in Alberta has been booked for 65 days beginning February 23. The estate is a collection of log cabins and other buildings that is spread over 700 acres. It is well known for attracting high profile guests.

A mystery guest has booked all 446 rooms at the lodge, who has been mum about who the mystery guest is, and what the purpose of the stay could be.

“The dates are blacked out on Fairmont’s reservation website and a call to the front desk concierge confirmed that no rooms will be made available,” CBC News reported. “Citing the four-star hotel’s dedication to discretion, officials with the hotel aren’t divulging any details, including how the unusual booking might affect staffing levels or how many reservations were cancelled to accommodate it.”

Quick math:

200$ Day * 65 days = 13,000$

13,000 * 446 rooms = 5,798,000$


One thought as to WHY someone has done this, goes like this:

With Travel expenses, Food, and Security for people to fill up, or even more crazy NOT fill up the Lodge and the remote cabins,  Location is the only thing that is logical.

They want someplace other people would have a hard time getting to, that is defensible and has the Resources to Let the
Rich continue to Live like the Rich while everyone else is just trying to survive whatever is coming.

Not sure what might be coming, but I thought it worthwhile to report this to you, especially since reports and VIDEO are now coming in showing that FedEx is delivering tens-of-thousands of BODY BAGS throughout the USA.


A rush to distribute MASSIVE NUMBERS of body bags is ongoing right now:

Continues …