One Response to “Planet Lockdown Reiner Fuellmich”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Let’s stop fooling ourselves…
    If the POTUS can’t rely on the same judiciary system to investigate and overturn blatant election FRAUD, what hope really, does this guy have? He’s effectively asking (and expecting), the enemy to cross sides and fight for us. Frankly he is wasting his time, not to mention huge amounts of money this exercise in futility will no doubt cost.

    The ONLY way that we the people will win back our God-given freedom and human rights and have our normalway of life returned to us; which they tricked us into surrendering with this fake ‘deadly pandemic’ scare, is for us – the plebes (not a lawyer or an MP, or President), to STOP COMPLYING with and acquiescing to their anti-humanity diktats.
    And, the real enemy we are fighting here is not the Dems, or Joe Biden or the WHO, nor Dr Fauci; but the huge army of stupid, gullible and compliant masked zombies – our own dumbed-down fellow citizens.
    Wake them up and tell them to DISOBEY EVERYTHING these unelected tyrants are bribing our complicit governments to impose on us.
    Forget the courts and the corrupt legal system, they won’t help us, they belong to the same treasonous and humanity loathing cabal. It’s ENTIRELY up to us – the citizenry to end this abominable global scale siege.

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