ITALY STOLE U.S. ELECTION – Here’s why they did it…

A top lawyer from the Italian Supreme Court reveals how a large defense software company, Leonardo SpA, stole the United States presidential election, using advanced military grade software, and satellites. Why did they do this? The following video gives eye-opening answers…




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  1. ian says:

    If it was a coup by the self appointed owners of the earth, we wouldn’t find out. If it was by anyone else, it wouldn’t be tolerated, nor would it be bragged about. It is in my opinion, an attempt to incite civil war in the US. If the aim was just to install the Biden/Harris presidency, it could have been done silently and smoothly as it has undoubtedly been done before, but it has been done in a way to create maximum ill feeling within the population of the US. It will only take a false flag attack or two to create a seething cauldron of hatred.

    • Dainsker says:

      As always Ian, your analysis is spot on. As for the seething cauldron of hatred, imagine if you will, that the U.S. allowed it to come out that the (s)election was fraudulent, then they let (DJT) come back into the fray as if he never left. I would imagine that would spark a major battle of epic proportions. I watched a video showing some very nefarious anomalies with regard to Biden’s inauguration. The kind of anomalies that would make one think that it did not take place when and where it was supposed to. At this point nothing would surprise me. It seems their game now is to label (T) supporters as White Nationalist’s and subsequent “Domestic Terrorists.” I’m sure there’ll be some ff coming our way in the near future. I hope you stay safe on your side of the pond my friend.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    “It will only take a false flag attack or two to create a seething cauldron of hatred.”
    Totally agree with your analysis of the current diabolical situation Ian, except I think that ‘seething cauldron of hatred’ has already been created and close to boiling, and will explode anytime in the very near future; i.e. well before the end of this year.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    The movie 77 Ripple Effect by Muad’Dib is now out in its 3rd version, which irrefutably proves that the Mossad did the bombings.

    Plus there are a few other additions; and they all prove that the theorised version of events in the original 77 Ripple Effect movie were in fact 100% correct.

    The extended 77 Ripple Effect 3 version now has the damning proof that the Mossad, together with elements of the British establishment, did the bombings, and this is the first version that has Arabic sub-titles, for those who don’t know English.

    Please distribute it far and wide. The only way the official story will be changed is if they know that millions know that they are liars, which they in fact are, and it’s the only way that justice will be served.

    The movie, together with Muad’Dib’s story, is also at

    VT: John Anthony Hill has been a friend and contributor for many years. He was extradited from Ireland to Britain because he produced this film proving beyond any doubt that the British government, filled with Murdoch blackmailed Freemasons…pedophiles…working with the Mossad…staged the 7/7 terror attacks…
    Much the same as with 9/11…
    Watch the video…and remember…never forget…and then you will understand why Trump gave us COVID 19…and he did and we can prove it…

    • ian says:

      An excellent comment as always S’. I’ll rewatch 7/7 Ripple Effect. Just the Peter Power clip was enough to prove it beyond any doubt for me. Brilliant.

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