Two deaths in one family in four days with a third possibly on the way. One of them definitely from the flu shot. We are trying to get flu shot confirmation on the others.

Georgia runoffs: The Dems will “win”.

They will take the seats via fraud only, especially ater stealing this election which people totally hate them for. The same voting machines AND scammers are in place, don’t expect accurate results, instead, expect “fair” results.

The goal is to get Biden in with a majority in the house and senate (without) sparking a civil war, so they will be able to destroy the country without any hindrance. Certainly the corrupted supreme court won’t stop anything.

The only hope is for them to be afraid of being held accountable for stealing the election (probably won’t be, the courts are proven totally corrupt) and for Trump to get another term. Absent that, you can kiss it away on Jan 20. You had better get good at raising chickens out in the bush.

Trump alone won’t cut it, we need the senate or they’ll just oust him.

The senate blocked the $2000 coronavirus check

People are saying they are digging their political graves. I’ll call that a joke, because Dominion will make sure that never happens. All I am doing is hoping Pence is not a traitor and that Trump will prevail. No one knows which way it will go, if anyone claims to they are only puffing. Most likely NOT for clicks at this point, – seriously – no one knows.

UPDATE TO BELOW: Claudia grounded me!!! No, we are NOT GOING OUT.

Two deaths in one family in four days with a third possibly on the way. One of them definitely from the flu shot. We are trying to get flu shot confirmation on the others. Claudia is in shambles.

VERY IMPORTANT: Two of Claudia’s associates in Mexico City also got the flu shot and “died from Covid” in the last week. it is confirmed they got the flu shot and died. I blew that off until people in the immediate family started dying. It is not just this family. This is obviously widespread death caused directly by the flu shot.

Ok, more details. The first death happened four days ago in the United States and they did not call it coronavirus. I’ll also point out that he was there on business and was not illegal. He was the husband of one of Claudia’s sisters.

The second death was today, and it was the father of Claudia’s sister in law. This death specifically started with someone who felt perfectly fine and then got a flu shot and descended into “hell on earth” immediately and then died. They DID call that death “coronavirus” and everyone knows it was the shot Another one of Claudia’s sisters is also dying now and I am attempting to find out if that one was gullible enough to get the flu shot too, but Claudia says that question is “too sensitive” to ask! The current one on death watch KNEW BETTER. She was NOT STUPID. I think claiming the topic is too sensitive is ridiculous – we need to know if the flu shot caused it.


It looks like there will be three deaths within the immediate family within about a week’s time frame. WOW. Claudia is scared because she strongly believes they are spreading a new virus via the shots. That was her idea, not mine. She started saying that after her friends in Mexico city who got the shot died. I can certainly say I would not be surprised. She is afraid the people getting the shots are contageous, and that’s how they will kick off Covid round 2.

Obrador said Mexico was not going to be allowed to be wrecked by coronavirus and refused to give shut down orders. QUESTION: Did the New World Order decide to punish Mexico by distributing the new virus via shots administered here? Do they have a plot to use Mexico as the starting place for a new outbreak? My answer: I would not put it past them, Gates did, after all, at least indirectly say he’d do it.

It would not be the first time. It is now proven the spanish flu was caused by tainted vaccines, and guess when that happened? DURING THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. What worked before can work again! Just bury a little history and call everyone stupid.

FACT: The last time there was a HUGE outbreak like this, the communists used it as a front for taking over Russia. Now, with the vaccine ID they are doing the same damn thing, ALL OVER AGAIN. Lock everyone down. Kill the economy. Take over. It is EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING, and they are obviously, just like with the spanish flu, spreading the excuse for their takeover via the shots.

Contrary to rumor, Iranians are not dropping dead from Coronavirus

Additionally, they are developing their own vaccine, and it is actually supposed to work. I’d take an Iranian made vax before any other, especially if they are using it on themselves.


CONFIRMED: Iran’s coronavirus vax is much safer than the crap being pushed on Americans. Iran’s vaccine is an inactivated vaccine, meaning that it is made of a coronavirus that has been weakened or killed by chemicals, similar to how polio immunizations are made. And they expect it to be effective against viral mutations as well.


QUESTION: Why does Iran get a MUCH safer vax that is using proven methods and tech, and America and Europe are getting an experimental chemical cocktail that will alter their DNA – a vax SO BAD that many question whether it is a vax or an intentional poison shot? QUESTION: Who has the better government? By this measure, that’s awful damn easy to answer.

One thing is certain: After Iranians get vaccinated, it will NOT be possible to scan their wrist veins to pick up the fluorescence caused by having the DNA of a glowing jelly fish integrated into the permanent genetic code of the vaccine recipient!

Resist lockdowns and CPS will take your kids!

Now we know how communism will go. Either you obey orders, or “child protective services” will take your kids. CPS was never about “protecting children”, though in spurious incidents it may have served the purpose, in general it is a system of abuse that is used to punish people who go against the state. CPS could care less if the home is actually good for the children or not, they instead care if the home is “good for the state” and this example in Oregon proves it.

The left is Pushing tiny homes again.

My take: The left will only push “tiny homes” that fit into their agenda, any time the homeless try to make them, they get demolished and I can guess why – . because in reality, the people at the top of the leftist pyramid want EVERYONE either homeless or in a slave cube. They, in reality, should have been ALL FOR the tiny homes, which in this case were built in an obscure location and AS IF there’s not enough desert around Vegas to make something like what they demolished work –


The report in the headline pretty much sums it up: They want a couple to have 200 square feet to live in. This fits in perfectly with what they were saying back in the 1990’s – that everyone should get 100 square feet of floor space in a 10X10X10 cube. Yes, in your little sh*thole there can be a loft. How much is actually enough? That varies.

If you are desperate and lost everything, the smallest tent from Wal-mart will cut it, at about 40 square feet. There are loners that can tolerate living in a van, at about 60 square feet, not counting driver and passenger seats. But for an actual life, where you have a bedroom, dining table, bathroom, and a couch, in all reality even 700 square feet SUCKS.

How much square footage does the average peak of the pyramid leftist have? That’s a tough guess for an average, but the range is 5000 – 20,000 square feet and possibly more. PER HOUSE. Bill Gates has a 64,000 square foot mansion and for privacy he bought every house around it for, (in one whack) a total of about 110,000 square feet. For ONE RESIDENCE. And that’s only one of five such residences Gates has in the United States alone. Gates is not even remarkable for homes, many leftists have double digit numbers of homes that are similar. The top of the pyramid leftists who are telling everyone to cram into a tiny home have double digit numbers of homes that combined easily top a 500,000 square feet. After all, if you fly to France, you need a house there, RIGHT? And a time share won’t cut it. It has to be GOOD. It has to be YOURS. And to hell with everyone else, you just HAVE TO be superior, 200 square feet for a peon couple is a threat.

“If you give them more square footage than that, they might start inventing. They might start preparing. They might start making stuff to plot an OFFENSE. With only 200 square feet, they’ll never keep ANYTHING hidden and can be raided and inspected with ease. Give them more and things get tough! We have to make sure WE ARE IN CONTROL – no one can fight from the inside of a tin can that can be fully laid out in one swift throw, and therefore, that’s all we can allow them to have. America SUCKED. We cannot EVER allow that to happen again!

Meanwhile, WE need 64,000 square feet in our primary abode because WE DESERVE IT and NONE of the others should have less than 7 or 8 thousand so we get a warning if anyone comes for us, and can slip out the back . . . . . . .

THAT is what life under communism will be.

Since it is in the headlines everwhere, we were not affected by the blackout

It could have been caused by a virus attack because suddenly and without explanation, 7.5 – 10.5 gigawatts were not available due to an “imbalance in the system” and automatic shutdown occurred as a result. There’s no confirmation of any virus attack but the situation surrounding this is odd.

The actual amount of power that vanished is up for dispute but is within the range I posted. This was a weird power outage, as if a UFO hooked up to 2 out of 3 phases and sucked them dry. Nothing sighted . . . . such an imbalance in the system could be caused by a short across 2 out of 3 phases but one would think that would cause one hell of a show that would not stay a mystery. My guess:

Since the shutdown was automatic and there was no BOOOOM anywhere, most likely this was a measurement or software or virus created glitch in the control software, which showed a non-existent imbalance and followed it’s code to shut down. . . . . or a UFO. Take your pick and if you pick “UFO” you can be happy knowing they got more than enough juice to get to mars.

MY HUNCH: Globalists, who are no doubt upset with Obrador may have probed Mexico’s electrical grid to see what could be done to confuse the system into believing there’s a problem that it should shut down for. I don’t think anything legit happened at all, it was probably all software. They may be considering screwing with Mexico’s grid to anger the Mexican people, because the state fair is setting up and today we saw a movie, when EVERYONE is supposed to be cowering and crying in a corner over the BIG CORONAVIRUS MONSTER. There’s little question they don’t like Obrador, who has taken a firm position and is clearly stating Mexico is not going to be allowed to die over coronavirus rules.

If they attack him this way, I’ll certainly be a loudmouth pointing out what the REAL cause of the problem is. it is certainly NOT OBRADOR.

I follow the rules here and make sure everyone else does also, while I tell them that they have to be very thankful Obrador kept everything running rather than sucking up to the NWO, and the least we can do is help him by following the rules, even if they are not really needed. How hard is it to wear a mask to keep the state fair, movie theaters, malls, restaurants and everything else open?


So the NWO wants to get even with Obrador. Wrecking the grid via back doors into software and outright virus attacks is something they have already done elsewhere, why not Mexico? I hope those in charge of Mexico’s grid read this, it’s the best tip they’ll ever get.

Watch the world’s greatest con man get cornered on vaccines

Surprisingly, even a scamming MSM news host at least gently tries to make him answer honestly. He does not.