Police arrest woman who filmed empty hospital on 27th December

Expose  the scam and the KGB will come for you in the night. Politicised police are an occupation force. Here are Gloucestershire KGB intimidating one of our fellow Brits.

Woman films empty Gloucester Royal Hospital and gets arrested

A woman has been arrested after recording a video of an empty Gloucester hospital, which she released online.

Debbie Hicks, a 46-year-old woman, took the video of the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on the 27th December 2020. It can be clearly seen in the video that the hospital is near deserted. There are no cars in the street, ambulances are parked up with paramedics cleaning out the backs, A&E is deserted, corridors are deserted, and there are even what look like building works going on outside.

However in a recently released statement Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Our hospitals are and remain extremely busy and colleagues at both our hospitals have been working hard throughout the festive period to care for our patients.

“We are currently caring for more than 200 patients with Covid-19, including many who require treatment in our critical care departments, and a further 500+ non-Covid patients who need our care and expertise.

“Every day, we provide urgent treatment for more than 300 patients at our Emergency Departments at Gloucester and Cheltenham and this continues every day of the year.

“This includes patients who walk in and those who come by ambulance; of these 300 patients, around 100 will require admission or further treatment on our wards.”

What patients? There aren’t any.


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  1. sovereigntea says:



    Mark Gerrard
    “Hi everyone- I was held in custody and cells today in Gloucester until 11:30pm for a public disorder offence for sharing an online video of an empty Gloucester Royal Hospital.

    My husband opened the door to them wanting to question me , I was in my nightgown with nothing

    underneath (I was in bed) when the thug of an officer tried to drag me off under arrest as he aggressively arrested me and twisted my hands behind my back in handcuffs. (hands swelled up and have marks all over them- I had to keep demanding medical attention –
    that they refused- I had to keep on). After me complaining at being dragged to the station undressed, he gave me me 3 minutes to get dressed while waiting outside my bedroom door.

    I was held and released without charge as I could not arrange appropriate legal advice
    and they tried to interview me but I refused to answer any questions- they have issued bail that I can’t enter any hospitals and that I return for an interview within 28 days ( I refused to sign the bail conditions without legal advice as I didn’t understand).
    Mark Gerrard
    30 Dec
    Wake up world- how utterly Orwellian and nazi to go through this for sharing a video of an empty hospital -all because it was shared over 80k times. They can’t have the truth out there, can they?
    This officer barged into my home, at xmas, and arrested me when I wasn’t dressed in front of my family.

    They’re now claiming they have to watch my house as I am at risk because ‘my address and name has been released online.’

    Mark Gerrard
    30 Dec
    77th brigade lies here folks- to try and stop me being active.

    The truth is very dangerous for the new world order.

    Share, share, share. Truth matters.”

    Debbie Hicks


  2. ian says:

    France made it illegal to take pictures of police officers, as their thug behaviour was causing them problems. There will never be a shortage of thuggish retards to fill the police ranks. Just like BBC licence officers, traffic wardens, etc. He must have been ex special forces when he got sent to arrest a woman in a nighty.
    I was out walking earlier today, and was reassured of the severity of the Covid pandemic several times by masked up frightened fellow walkers. My suggestion, that we should be allowed to judge for ourselves what action to take, re any virus should be our own choice, was met by disbelief, in all cases.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Indeed provide everyone the unvarnished facts minus media spin and Hancock’s acting and girlish hysteria then people can form their own risk assessment acting appropriately.
      Re special services I doubt if any of them would stoop so low as to wear a uniform with a defaced Union Jack 🙂

      • ian says:

        I’m sure that you are correct S’, anyone with any integrity, decency, and courage, would refuse to act like a thug against non violent civilians, so any that do this, lack any of these characteristics.

      • Occams says:

        Sadly, from what I’m seeing, ‘girlish hysteria’ seems to be pandering and relatable for most ‘men’ these days.

        In San Diego, I actually think more men than women wear masks – for everything.

  3. Occams says:

    Where’s all the ‘men’ in all this? As dollar vigilante’s Berwick said of Australia;

    “Where’s all these tough Rugby players? They should just be forming a line and mowing these cops down (protest). Is the Y-chromosome disappearing??”

    • sovereigntea says:

      For starters via feminising hormones see water supply if you live a downriver ( birth control fallout ). see BPT plastics in cans and bottles etc.


      • ian says:

        Indeed S’, fertility is generally low too, in young white males, is it something in the beer or lining the beer cans?

      • sovereigntea says:

        Many beer cans are decorated with those nice wheat leaves aka the UN logo or commie red stars. Similar curiously with military insignia.

        Speaking of subliminal symbology can you spot the 007 and S & M in this well known beverage.

  4. Occams says:

    So she was arrested – but no charges filed? WTH is that supposed to be/mean/accomplish?

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