Police arrest woman who filmed empty hospital on 27th December

Expose  the scam and the KGB will come for you in the night. Politicised police are an occupation force. Here are Gloucestershire KGB intimidating one of our fellow Brits.

Woman films empty Gloucester Royal Hospital and gets arrested

A woman has been arrested after recording a video of an empty Gloucester hospital, which she released online.

Debbie Hicks, a 46-year-old woman, took the video of the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on the 27th December 2020. It can be clearly seen in the video that the hospital is near deserted. There are no cars in the street, ambulances are parked up with paramedics cleaning out the backs, A&E is deserted, corridors are deserted, and there are even what look like building works going on outside.

However in a recently released statement Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Our hospitals are and remain extremely busy and colleagues at both our hospitals have been working hard throughout the festive period to care for our patients.

“We are currently caring for more than 200 patients with Covid-19, including many who require treatment in our critical care departments, and a further 500+ non-Covid patients who need our care and expertise.

“Every day, we provide urgent treatment for more than 300 patients at our Emergency Departments at Gloucester and Cheltenham and this continues every day of the year.

“This includes patients who walk in and those who come by ambulance; of these 300 patients, around 100 will require admission or further treatment on our wards.”

What patients? There aren’t any.