COVID is Orwell’s Animal Farm

The Democrat party has become the Socialist Party.
Aided by a compliant press, academia, a vast army of bureaucrats, and various violent street groups, the takeover is complete.
What definition of socialism should we apply to the Democrat Party? The only one that counts: top-down elite power parading as justice and fairness for all. This has always been the socialist con.
Big government will be kind. Big government will be nice. Big government cares. Big government will take care of us. Big government is creating a better world.
If we needed proof this mask is false and grotesque, we have it now in the form of the COVID operation. The constraints on freedom, the lockdowns, the business closures, the economic destruction. This has been a silent coup. Trump is unwilling to see it and admit responsibility. He focuses on “the recovery.” Biden, to the degree that he can focus on anything at all, wants more constraints and lockdowns and economic devastation, in the form of a nightmare federal plan.
Socialists, like other tyrannical forces, have always created crises which then require “humanitarian solutions” that turn out to mean CONTROL.
“We help the people” becomes “we control the people.”
“Yes, your business had to close because of COVID, but we will offer you aid…”
Fostering this dependence as if it were ultimate kindness has always been part of the socialist playbook.
Life looks good and feels good until a manufactured crisis comes along: Citizens go about their business under the socialist tent, absorbing the government perks and niceties (while they pay higher taxes), until the government lights up a DANGER sign…and then all bets are off.
“Now we must enforce certain rules to protect you, the people. Now we must make you shelter in place. Now we must…”
COVID is the first time most Americans have experienced a hammer blow to the head from the government, so they don’t understand the prior years of softening-up “socialism-lite” were really the prelude to, and an integral part of, this shock.
Although many Republicans are helping to enforce the lockdown culture and the new normal, Democrats are leading the way. This is their moment. This is what they’ve been yearning for.
“Look at the skies, look at how clear they are, now that we’ve shut down so many manufacturers. It’s wonderful. We couldn’t force this with climate change, but COVID has been a miracle. The environment is safer. We’ve proved that modern life is a vast corruption that can only be cured by shutting it down. Government money, bailing out the people, will keep us going. Finally, we’re operating on a fairer footing. We’re all in this together…”
One delusion piled on another.
Unless derailed, greater delusions are to come. For example, equal opportunity will morph into equality of outcome. Every person will have exactly the same economic status. If this sounds impossible, well, that’s the definition of delusion. In truth, over time, equality would come to mean equivalent slavery and dependence for all, except for those who are running the whole freak show, who are pretending to be the socialist messiahs. They and their cronies and enforcers will own the Animal Farm and all the animals.
In no small part, the training ground for this absurd new normal has been the education system. Its premise of non-education is: you don’t need to think, you just need to feel.
If you wish and feel the world can be a better place, you’re educated. Now you must hitch that wagon to certain prescribed movements and groups and ideology that have a way to make your dreams come true. The first of these is called socialism.
And since these “students” can’t think, they buy this palliative. They believe this is honorable rebellion against the status quo.
They’re completely unaware that they’re actually joining the extreme extension and expansion of the status quo:
Top-down control of life.
Millions of naïve American Democrats (and centrist Republicans) can’t possibly imagine they’re part of this operation. They can’t imagine it because they refer to their own basic impulses and motives, and they know these impulses are sincere and good.
But aligning their simple motives with real-world politics, and seeing how that works out, isn’t an exercise they’re capable of performing.
They can’t step back and analyze the con.
They’re just feeling. And if it feels right, it must be right.
They’re crawling on their hands and knees up the hundreds of stone steps to a vast cathedral, where they know their wishes can come true.
The high priests have made sure the stained glass windows are washed. The grand organ is in tune, and the organist is playing a slow solemn fugue. Minions are passing out alms to one and all, while at the same time, collectors are raking in donations far in excess of the charitable bailouts…
—Just as, once upon a time, John D Rockefeller handed out shiny dimes to poor children.
The Rockefellers: godfathers of socialism.
One of the ten thousand facts they don’t teach in school.
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Jon Rappoport