Wave 2 – an epidemic of lies

Al Kumar Osman (Prime Minister of Great Britain) states that the PCR gives 93% false positives.

Yet the whole world is being progressively locked down because of this test.

Here is global madness.  Why are human brains so slow to realise?

As Hitler said, the bigger the lie, the harder it is for people to understand that that is what it is.

In my book I recall meeting with Germans at work in Germany and asking those from the war why it all happened.

I was told that until you see propaganda and how it works, you won’t understand war.

Now I’ve seen mass propaganda.  Fake epidemics are a form of deliberate destruction, destroying lives with lies, same as war.

The elites won’t launch truly deadly illnesses.  They have families too.  They launch flu-like illnesses, and kill people in panic with inappropriate medical interventions.  The rest is simply television and media.

Al Kumar Osman admits COVID tests don’t work. So why is he closing down the country?