Al Kumar Osman admits COVID tests don’t work. So why is he closing down the country?

COVID tests don’t work basically – spoken from the horse’s mouth.  93% of test results are wrong, he says.  Call that 100%.  He was talking about not testing people arriving in the UK, which he was not in favour of, giving his reason for refusing to test arrivals as the tests don’t work.  Yet when testing the UK population the test is treated as gospel and is the reason for all the economic destruction.  Very strange.  Stranger and stranger.

The creator of the PCR test said it would not work for coronavirus testing.  He passed away the month before the ‘outbreak’.  We have a symptomless PCR pandemic when everyone knows the PCR test doesn’t work.

The government’s purpose is the economic destruction of the country as part of its depopulation/slavery agenda.  Al Kumar (Boris) Osman (name changed to Johnson) is the mouthpiece of the destroyers admitting his lies here.  Yet the majority of people can’t get it that the government is now their enemy.