Toronto Freedom Rally – COVID19 reality check


Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati puts COVID19 measures into perspective.

Belgian doctors called for an investigation of the WHO for its fraudulent pandemic.

Dutch nurses and doctors have sued over the fact this is not a pandemic but a flu, and their nurses are refusing to be vaccinated to continue working.

There are now over a 100,000 doctors and experts worldwide calling this pandemic fraudulent, and the measures unwarranted. The measures have killed to a factor of 12 to 14 to 1 more people than depraved leaders and health officers claim COVID killed.

The the world food bank is saying that 10% of the world population risks starvation that’s 700 million people. 10,000 additional children a month are already dying from disruption of food supplies.

COVID19 measures serve foreign interests like Bill Gates, GAVI, The World Economic Forum, IMF, the World Bank and all the other criminal billionaire oligarchs.

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Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino