Lockdown? Just say NO!

Liverpool and Manchester are refusing to lockdown.  People there didn’t even bother much with the first lockdown according to locals we met recently.  In Liverpool people came out of their houses every day and walked along the Mersey.  Pubs stayed open and many restaurants.  Common sense won the day.  Life has to go on.

The fear in March was pretty bad, yet they went out.  Now many people know the whole COVID thing is a fake, based on the PCR test which even Al Kumar Osman (renamed Boris Johnson) admits gives 93% false results.  Call that 100% as the inventor of the test told us before he conveniently passed away recently.

Al Kumar’s tests are fake.

His pandemic is fake.

Even his name is fake.

Nothing about any of it is real.

So ignore the lot of them.

Al Kumar Osman admits COVID tests don’t work. So why is he closing down the country?