Fight the lockdowns in England

From today, London, our economic heartland and capital city, joins Manchester, Liverpool and other regions in ANOTHER lockdown.

The lying politicians at Westminster are calling it everything but a Lockdown, but I assure you, hundreds of thousands of jobs and homes will be lost because of this second lockdown.

Vital Surgeries are being cancelled, SUICIDE is skyrocketing and domestic VIOLENCE is through the roof.

All the so-called mainstream parties have colluded to bring our economy to its knees. Our native industry will be swallowed up by multinational corporations changing England FOREVER and reducing the English worker to a serf in his own country!

it is only going to get much worse from here!

When food shortages start occurring, when tens of MILLIONS lose their homes and jobs, what do you think will happen: England will explode!

Emperor Boris has already said he WILL deploy the Army against the English people if we do not comply with his undemocratic laws.

We are heading for disaster. Now more than ever we need cool-heads to join our ranks of English Patriots.

What is coming will be unprecedented in English history. We, The English Democrats, are a band of brothers determined to bring an end to this CORRUPT establishment’s reign of destruction.

Our destiny is in our hands. It is time to for you, Henry, to take a stand for England and join the England’s only Nationalist Party: The English Democrats.

We FIGHT on Behalf of the English people and the English people only!

Join the new resistance and reclaim England for our children and grandchildren, Henry!

If you are already a member or cannot join, maybe you have a sensitive job or there are other factors that deter you, you can always help us by donating. We are thankful for every donation, no matter how big or how small. Your generosity helps keep the party alive and allows our members to take the fight to the enemies of England.


Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook