There is only a pandemic if you believe there is one

All measures taken  to restrict freedom seem reasonable to people who are afraid.  They are afraid because they listen to the media.  If they asked their friends and colleagues if they knew of any detailed COVID cases, they would find there aren’t any.  You need detail because otherwise they are just reading of cases in the media again.  You need sons and daughters talking about their parents dying and explaining how the care homes and hospitals accelerated their deaths using wrong treatments – as they usually do, but just on a far bigger scale this time, and with more brazen indifference to human life, happiness and comfort.

The reason people trust the media is hard to fathom.

This is above all an epidemic of misplaced trust.

If people knew how to think for themselves, this event would already be over.

The power people grant to media to dictate to them is truly terrifying.

Now that is something to be afraid of, if you want to be afraid of something.

The other advantage of turning off the TV and radio, and not reading newspapers is that you feel happier, as well as the fact you are not being lied to on every page, in every paragraph and in every sentence.

Just talk to people you meet.  Most are lonely now, and happy to share a couple of thoughts.  Most I find are totally conned by what’s going on, and aren’t able to imagine it’s all a shadow broadcast onto a wall.

The government is desperate to stop the tests as ‘asymptomatic’ case numbers balloon into the ridiculous zone