The government is desperate to stop the tests as ‘asymptomatic’ case numbers balloon into the ridiculous zone

Hanging over it all is the growing crisis of Covid-19 testing. Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, admitted yesterday that it could take weeks to fix the problem and said that there would have to be a return to rationing. Priority will be given to those with acute clinical needs, such as hospital patients.

TAP.  The only way to stop the numbers getting even more ridiculous is to slow down the numbers being tested.  Tests give 80% (false) positives.   Check out the PCR test.  The fake epidemic organisers wanted cases but now have too many, so all they can do now is slow the testing.  The only way they can do that is to ‘ration’ testing.

As they are now doing.  But the people are still ‘windy’ and want to be tested in growing numbers.

The government is desperate to stop people getting tested, as the case numbers are already ludicrous with no one actually being ill in any identifiable way, and schools are being closed again.

That’s because the pandemic was a fake right from the beginning.

Schools that close down because a pupil has tested positive are desperate to stop other pupils from getting tested so they can reopen.  This letter went out this week to a school in Warwickshire –

Things are moving very fast here and the local Health Protection Hub have just informed me that because our preventative COVID measures were so good and secure they do not feel we need individual testing for all the Sixth Form. They have also said that should any pupil or staff member develop symptoms if that person contacts me directly I am then authorised to forward their details onto the fast response team at the HPH.  Please note though this is only if symptoms develop.

Call that ‘the slow response team’, I would suspect.

Guess who will keep getting priority for the tests?

Care homes yet again where the cull still goes on.  COVID-19 diagnosis in care homes is followed by anti-viral drugs, morphine, ventilators and a lonely death.   If the diagnoses were correct, why not use infra red lamps which save farm animals from flu and colds, Vitamin D, and anti-coagulants which save people from the blood clots of COVID 19 (retro virus from the flu vaccine, triggered by SARS-COVID-2).

I think we know the answer to that question.  They have become more like slaughter houses than care homes.

Health is just a business which requires victims.  They create fake epidemics as a matter of course.  COVID-19 is just the latest.  Tests.  Statistics.  Treatments.  Vaccines.  That’s how they make money.  This one’s also being used to mess up the competition from the lower orders across the board, sending people back down to ground level financially and mentally.  The only problem is that the government who created the panic are now unable to contain what they have created, and everyone and his dog wants a test and peace of mind.

I watch some of the pathetic creatures walking around the town wearing masks in the street, walking at a step every three seconds as if death is about to strike at any moment.  What you can see of their faces looks very stressed.

Here’s the good news, folks.  The whole thing is a hoax – from the beginning.  COVID-19 has still not been proved to exist.  There are no deaths caused by COVID-19.  Only people who have comorbidities die, or who are put on ‘end of life’ pathway by doctors.  In other words, something else causes their deaths.  The hoax is visible now, but the panic in the population is still very real.

The vaccine sellers want the maximum panic while schools and businesses need the whole rotten enterprise ended as soon as possible.


Dramatic new Coronavirus symptoms panic government into considering September 18th UK lockdown.




9 Responses to “The government is desperate to stop the tests as ‘asymptomatic’ case numbers balloon into the ridiculous zone”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    That makes very logical sense Tap. These people are so transparent at times aren’t they

    So even more evidence of a scamdemic

  2. Prometheus says:

    Tell you what, looking at that picture above… Handcock is starting to show the same mannerisms as his boss:

    Any psychologist will tell you that waving your hands about like that will raise eyebrows. On-set of madness.

    • Tapestry says:

      It’s NLP – neuro linguistic programming, using calculated body gestures to instil emotional response in an audience – another word for acting. If you raise your arms it looks like you actually give a fuck. Most ingenious. He cares about the millions he’s making from vaccines and little else.

      • emm jay says:

        When I tell people about his involvement with the vaccine company, the reaction is to look at me like I’ve lost my mind, then silence … crickets. It actually makes me lol.

  3. Tapestry says:

    We live in a dangerous world where the only thing most believe are the lies in the media and all truth is regarded as insanity.

  4. richarda says:

    I had a look at the NHS Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that was put in place around the end of March 2020. To my uneducated eye, and bearing in mind that at that time there were few patients with Covid-19, the test was designed to allow a patient with Covid-19-like symptoms to be moved out of Isolation.
    Today, and as far as I can tell, standards have not improved, unqualified people are voicing opinions about the disease that have no factual basis.
    At least for now, they are trying to restrict 50% of the testing going to the general public so that only people with symptoms get tested.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Have you noticed how the symptoms keep changing? They don’t really have a clue what COVID symptoms are. It’s becoming a general term for unwell, and a general term for death. A bit like ‘the plague’. Where are Monty Python when we need them?

    • sovereigntea says:

      Soviet / Maoist technique “the facts are whatever we tell you” If you disagree or point out contradictions the you are painted as “the other” an enemy of the people / state.

  6. sovereigntea says:

    The facts as far as liar & traitor Matt Hancock is concerned are whatever justifies further unlawful imprisonment and economic sabotage of the UK population whilst concentrating power in the hands of his controllers.

    One assumes Matt thinks he will ultimately be well rewarded for his betrayal of our nation however history tells us something different.
    Forget the left right hypperbole consider the methodology

    Stages of communist takeovers- Yuri Bezmenov (Leftists are useful IDIOTS)

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